Creating an Easter Basket

I have a feeling this could be the last year the Easter Bunny exists for one of our boys so I'm going to soak it all up. I love creating baskets for them. A trait I inherited from my crafty mother. My kids on the other hand inherited my sweet tooth so we'll be on a sugar high all day on Sunday! 

I try to stick to a few of their favorite candy choices and fill the remainder with toys and things they'll use. 

Target has a great selection of Easter basket items as well as Homegoods. 

Non candy Ideas for what to put in baskets:
-goggles / pool gear
- books 
-coloring books are all the rage and they have cute kids ones 
-new beach towel rolled up and tied with a cute ribbon
-rubix cube 
-art supplies 
-ispot it game tins
-jellycats (still love these!)
-outdoor games

Here is what I start with:

I place the taller things in the back of the basket and fill shredded filler to help prop them up. Then place the smaller items towards the front.

Although they have their names on their basket I still like to add a personal touch. I spotted these metal initial hang tags at Michaels to add a little personal touch. I bet this will be their favorite part of their whole basket, right?! 

They also get a little gift from us which is usually a new beach towel and a swimming suit. Which gets high praises when it's opened. "Just a bathing suit and towel???" (Spoiled I tell ya) 

Then the Easter Bunny leaves mom a little basket of her own. Well, not really but if he did... 
wait, is the Easter Bunny a boy or girl? I just always assumed a boy. I'm sure my 6 yr old will ask me on Sunday so I better figure it out soon. Anyway, back to the subject. If the bunny did leave mom a basket, this is what I'd like it to consist of. Some spa items, a bottle of wine, pretty jewelry and beauty products and a hot guy candle. (That's what it smells like) and a bathtub filled with Cadbury eggs! Better hop to it Bunny!!! 


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