Sad to say goodbye to Piperlime

I'm still in denial that Piperlime is going out of business. This was my go to for dresses, jeans and shoes. I loved seeing Olivia Palermo's picks because she has such great style. How can it be that it's not going to be around anymore? I feel like I'm losing a best friend. Ok, it's just an online store, I will eventually get over it until I need a dress and won't be able to shop here anymore. Waaaahhhhh!!! Still holding out hope that it's just a revamp and that they're going to come back even better. Wishful thinking. 

In the meantime here's my favorite picks of what is left. You can score some amazing deals on great items. Stuff is going quickly so grab them now!! Rumor has it that they'll be done for good April 29th but I don't know how true that is. The inventory seems to be getting low so maybe it's somewhat true. 

Cute flats|Sandals|fun heels|classic staple 


Wedding/Cocktail dress 

Rompers & Pantsuits 

Fun tops

Great deals on jeans! Think ahead to fall to stock up. Some almost half off! 
Transition sweaters. Spring & Fall and cool evening nights 

Cold weather sweaters 

Classic Outerwear 

Fun Moto Jackets


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