FabFitFun......exciting snail mail!

Getting packages is so exciting, especially when you don't know what's going to be in them. So I think that's why I'm so drawn to these companies. I think I've done them all, Stitchfix, birchbox, Honest Co, Disney movie club (which I can't for the life of me figure out how to deactivate and then get mad when I forget to decline my feature of the month) Fabletics, fabkids which is new, ones for babies and dogs (actually haven't done either of these) and there is even one for men called StyleLab. I may or may not have signed up my husband and then panicked when they told me I had to schedule a phone interview and for some odd reason thought they'd be weirded out talking to someones wife about what clothes their husband likes to wear. Sounds kind of possessive-weirdish if you ask me. He doesn't need that anyway, he has a wife who is a shopaholic so it's all good in the hood for his closet. 

Of all of them that I've tried this is my favorite as far as variety goes, it's called FabFitFun! If you haven't heard of it here's a little description from their site: 

FabFitFun gives readers the latest and greatest in beauty, wellness, health, fitness, and fashion — everything a woman needs to feel good from the inside out. Filled with trendsetting info, the site sets the bar for all things fab, fit, and fun. It’s the perfect way to kick start your happy and get more from life every day!

(Pretty packaging which is always a plus for me) 

My second box just arrived and I have to say it hasn't disappointed yet. They have full size products which I like because how can you really tell if you like a face cream from one use? 

Below is what came in my FabFitFun box. 

Jules Scarf which is perfect for spring! 

Merrithew 3 DVD set Intense Body Blast & $25 gift card. Perfect timing from my Easter candy shaming. 

OFRA cosmetics eyeshadow brushes #11 #29 

Sprout it app card & miracle grow gro-able seed pod. Once the frozen ground thaws in June we can plant this! 

Palmetto Derma Collagen Booster & Restoration. Slows down the aging process, fills fine lines....win win!!! 

ORLY nail BB cream. Ok, I don't technically know what Bb means. I even have some Bb cream but isn't it just another name for tinted moisturizer? If anyone wants to fill me in on the difference please do. Well now they have Bb nail polish!! I've already tried this and kind of loving it. It gives a matte/shiny coat and dries quickly. The top is awesome because it's rubber and easy to grip. All nail polish should have this! 

ORLY Cake Pop nail polish. This had me at Cake pop!! 

Yasi metallic flash tattoos. Coachella anyone?? My gf wore these one night and they looked so good on her. But she's got long dark hair and is tan all the time and beautiful. I think they'd look funny on my Irish skin right about now. So I may give these to her. If I could hold a tan then I'd try them out. 

Cosmos premium puffed corn. This goes well with the Pilates DVD set! Apparantly they're guilt free and guilt free isn't supposed to taste so good. 

Rifle Paper Co Cities coaster set. These are my favorite thing in the whole box this month. How freaking cute are they? I may keep these just for me and my nightstand. (Super cute gift idea)) 

Vow to be chic gift card and a Hello Fresh gift card as well. 

$273.89 worth of stuff for $39.99. Not too bad! 

Want to give it a try? Check out this link to sign up: https://vip.fabfitfun.com/refer.php


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