Friday Finds

With the warmer weather slowly making it's debut I'm wanting to spruce up our outdoor space. Today's Friday Finds I'm sharing some of my favorite outdoor spaces I've found. Although my backyard will never look like any of these a girl can only dream, right?

The awnings...

I love the simplicity of this but yet it still has a traditional feel, this is why I want to visit the Hamptons. 

I'd love for this couch to be my office 

Hammocks and I don't mix too well. But if I didn't have a fear of them (concussion) this looks pretty relaxing

So pretty it looks like you shouldn't touch it

Chair cacoons, yes please. And I'm loving the white planters. 

I'm moving in next week. FYI to whoever owns this. 

The ceiling of this outdoor patio is gorgeous

Like seriously? Just don't drink too much or you may not make it out. 

If I could build a house again from scratch it would have these windows and siding but my house building dreams aside this is just an amazing space. 

Is this what life is like when you retire and don't have kids knocking over your patio furniture using it for forts? 

The greenery in this space is stunning. 

Enjoy your weekend!

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