Sunday, February 22, 2015

Red Carpet Looks from the Oscars

Red seemed to be the color of the night last night and although there were some beautiful dresses there wasn't anything that really jumped out at me and had me texting my gf's with "OMG DID YOU SEE HER!?!". I think I may have liked the after party dresses more then the Oscar dresses. 


Although everything was a little awkward about the interactions with Dakota Johnson's Saint Laurent Dress was stunning. I feel cliche saying her dress was my favorite because she's the hot ticket of the moment right now but I like the simplicity of her hair with the dress and I love the cut of this dress and the detail of the shoulder on this dress. I just love it! Maybe she'll let me borrow it one day. But wait a second, what happened to her boobs? 

When I first saw Lupita Nyong get out of the limo I thought this dress was perfect for her. The back is even more gorgeous and I love how simple she kept the jewelry with this piece because it's basically one big piece of jewelry. 6.000 pearls to be exact!  But her after party dress may have just been my favorite of all the dresses. Jamie Chungs dress was one of my top 10's. I love the design of the sequins. I was thinking there would be more navy on the red carpet this year.

Jennifer Anistons Versace dress was beautiful! I just wish she would have maybe did a side chiffon with her hair. Keeping along with the nude tones. There is no other person that can pull this color off other then Jennifer Lopez. I just feel she is getting better with age. I love the detail on this dress. 

I did a double take when I saw Zoe Saldana. Didn't she just have twins like last week? She looks amazing!!!! You go girl! Oprah's dress in the blush tone was gorgeous as well and great earring choice. 

Cate Blanchett nails it again. Keeping it simple and adding a statement necklace I think she just looks stunning in this look.

Naomi Watts Armani dress was awesome! So was her hair. She just looked cool. 


Jenna Dewan looked stunning as always. Her accessories were quite handsome too. I'm a lover of white dresses and she kills this one. I love the simple hairstyles from last night too.

I love both of their looks! Her dress is unique without being too different and I love the navy tux. 

Joanne Newsom looked amazing. I LOVE this dress and love that she paired a bright earring with it. The clutch and her hair just all go together nicely.



I'm on the fence about Emma Stones dress. I love the dress itself, just not the color. It's a hard color for anyone to pull off and I think she can but I think something else would have been a better choice. This would have looked stunning in a cream on her.

When I first saw Scarlett Johnson I thought to myself WOW, she looks hot! Then I couldn't figure out if the green thing around her dress was part of the dress or a necklace. Still not sure what it is. I loved her hair and this color on her and it fit like a glove. Did she just have a baby recently too or am I really behind on that?

Nicole Kidman half nailed her look. I almost didn't recognize her at first but I love her new hair and make up. The dress was a little disco-ish for my liking.

I feel like I've only been seeing Gywneth Paltrow in pink lately. This could have possibly been my favorite dress minus the enormous rose growing on her shoulder and maybe in white. She does have one kick ass body though.

I think Reese Witherspoon could have picked a better option. As always she still looks gorgeous because she's Reese. 

When I saw this dress from the front I loved it. Then I saw the back and it looked like the excess fabric was just tied together, eh. As Kelly Osbourne stated this dress may be ahead of its time.

Lady Gaga was doing the dishes before she arrived and forgot to take off her gloves. But her dress is stunning!! It would be Gaga-ish if she didn't have the gloves though. I'm surprised she didn't want to show off her new rock last night. I know gloves would be the last thing on my mind with a rock that big on my finger.

Ugh Jessica Chastain what happened here? This just looks so dated to me. I want to like it but just can't get myself to. Just too much going on and although this necklace is probably $5 million it's just not working. 

 Julianne Moore in my opinion is SOOO beautiful. But I'm sad Versace gown that took a gazillion hours to make it was a little blah in my opinion. She looks so beautiful though that it makes up for it. 

Anna Kendrick looks beautiful but I'm not loving this dress. I think it would have looked better with a ruffled fuller bottom.

What were your favorites of the night?

Saturday, February 14, 2015

My picks for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is one of those "Hallmark holidays" you either love or hate. I personally love all holidays so any chance I get to decorate or make fun crafts with the kids Im all for it. 

Last year Rob and I went to a Superlux Movie theatre. If you haven't heard of these they're amazing!! Huge recliners and they serve you food and alcohol. Something about having a glass of wine at the movies just makes it so much better. Did I also mention they have warm chocolate cookies as a dessert option. We're continuing our tradition this year and doing it again. We already bought our Fifty Shades of Grey tickets. (Heehee) Rob didn't read the books so he has no idea what he's in for. 

If you're not into overpriced roses or dreaming of Mr Grey here are some of my favorite picks for her V-Day!

1. Rebecca Minkoff white leather envelope clutch. This is a classic that can be used to carry you into Spring/Summer. 

2. Kate Spade leopard phone case. Because leopard is just sexy and Classic at the same time. 

3. Nars lip gloss is one of my favorites. I think I have one in every purse! 

4. Stella & Dot engraveable bar necklace. These are the best gifts! Have it personalized with a meaningful date, your initials or maybe a silly nickname you call each other. 

5. One of my best friends gets me the best gifts from Sephora and a couple years ago this Sugar scrub Chapstick was one of them. This is hands down my favorite. I love the sheer tint it leaves behind too! Available in many colors. 

6. These Jonathan Adler little dishes are perfect to hold jewelry, etc. I have one on my nightstand that collects my earrings at night. 

7. This Jonathan Adler candle is so pretty looking and I love grapefruit scented candles! 

8. One of my favorite Givenchy scents. I discovered this in Sephora from the crazy salesperson that ended up being spot on. He jumped out from behind a column and scared the crap out of me. Asked me weird questions which I kept thinking had nothing to do with what scent would work for me and he came back with 3 and I LOVED all 3! So if someone jumps out and scares you at Sephora, take a second to listen before running away which I almost did.  

9. I just LOVE the color of this Henri Bendel crossbody bag!!! Even better it's on SALE! 

10. I've had my eye on the Nixon watch for a looooonnnng time! It's just so different and I'm a sucker for big watches. 



Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Welcome to my Blog

Thanks for stopping by to check out the new blog! This has been something that has been on my list for years so I'm excited to finally be able to share my passion for design with all of you. I've had the pleasure of designing spaces for friends and family the past couple years and recently started my own design business as well as e-design and staging. I'm all about attention to detail and creating a look for less. I love blending traditional with modern to create a room, outfit or party for every budget.

A little bit about me. I'm a simple girl with an overly creative mind. I've had an interest in Interior Design since I was younger, rearranging furniture and redecorating all the time. Currently living in the Boston, Ma area with my husband Rob and our two boys Conner and Jake. Oh, I also can't forget about our fluffy white kitty, Piper. Originally from the Philadelphia suburbs area in a town called Reading, Pa. we relocated to the Boston area 7 years ago. We have been so blessed to have found a wonderful group of friends who are my little village. (It really does take a village). Just recently moving into our "forever" home and can't wait to share the renovation process with all of you.

When I'm not picking up dirty socks or getting a lesson on what a Creeper is in Minecraft you can find me rearranging furniture, spray painting something or gluing Ninja Turtle labels on mini water bottles for someone's birthday party.  I want JCD to be a place where readers can be inspired to create a styled reality of their own. I will be posting pretty spaces, fashion tips, recipes, party planning ideas, DIY, Before & Afters and maybe a little Hollywood gossip (because who doesn't love that?!)

I'm excited you're here and I can't wait to have fun with all of you!



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