Wednesday, April 20, 2016


1. This must have eye mask would be even more wonderful if you could walk around with it and only see from the inside. But when you're interrupted during precious quiet time,  you can just let the mask do the talking.

2. Best little trinket dish!

3. Bad cook, on vacation? Check out these cute ready made breakfast in bed kits. But to be honest, all the meals we have to cook I think the rest of the fam can swing cooking a meal on Mother's Day.

4. Gingham is the hot print this season. Surprise her with one of these cute cosmetic bags with her initials on it from Mark & Graham. Because it's monogrammed she'll know it wasn't a last minute CVS gift.

5. This engraved locket has a place for 2 pictures on the inside. Comes in gold and silver and you can do different monogram styles. This will definitely score some brownie points!

6. A good friend just got me this Jo Malone Candle as a birthday gift and although it may sound like it smells odd, it's quite refreshing and I can't stop smelling it. Makes the house feel like summer!

7. Graphic artist Leanne Shapton's signature painterly patterns grace the covers of four classic Jane Austen novels. Great for decorating after you read them!

8. Mom superpower junk food tshirt says it all!

9. Gift mom a new panama hat for all the lounging we get to do by the pool

10. Mom's always need sunglasses to hide behind on morning drop off runs. She'll love the cute case that comes with these too.

11. I've been wanting one of these cool Swell water bottles for awhile but I don't want to spend the money because I lose water bottles often. If someone bought one for me I'd gladly accept it though.

12. You get 2 gifts for the price of one with this Stella & Dot sarong that can also be worn as a scarf.

13. If Mom gets flowers every year switch it up and give her flowers she'll be sure to love from the bouqs. Some of my favorites are peonies and ranunculus and they're so fun in this orange color.

14. Treat mom to an overnight facial in a bottle. This will be sure to give her soft glowing skin and all those newborn moms will look a little more rested then they actually are.

15. You can never go wrong with candy. Especially when they come in a super cute box like this Sugarfina one.

Is there anything special you're wanting this Mother's Day? I've had my eye on this Barrington tote forever but have never been able to decide on a color scheme.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016


Today I'm going to brag a little bit about my younger brother, who can basically do anything you'd ask him to do. He's the most creative, thoughtful, talented persons I know.  He's a craigslist hunter, the best DIY'er, makes creations out of stuff he finds and is just a fun person to be around. I wish I could transplant him here to work with me but I can't. So he'll continue to be my distant go to when I'm questioning a design or needing advice on a project. He recently landed his dream job and I'm so excited for him to start this new venture. When he sent me his portfolio I wasn't surprised at what he had created and couldn't help but want to share some of his work with you. Since summer is on it's way maybe it will give you some inspiration for an outdoor oasis/planters similar to the ones he creates.

We grew up helping our grandparents at their nursery in Pennsylvania, called Regula's Little Tree Nursery. I fondly remember riding around in the golf cart to help turn on the sprinklers in the hoop houses and helping my grandmother tend to the plants. I know my brothers work would make my grandparents proud. Here are some of his creations:

His living room also works as a greenhouse for his plants

His outside patio he created

I love this wall and want one in my backyard. Chris, take note. 

His succulent planters may be my favorite

Oh and he's hands down the best at holidays. Halloween being one of his favorite. 

Unfortunately you can't see his entire handmade Mad Hatter costume that is out of this world but you get the idea. 

Just a wreath made out of greens and berries found on the side of the road

 and I thought I had gift wrapping skills

He just opened an etsy shop and sold out quickly of some of his designs but is working on stocking it back up. Stay tuned for more items to come over at 1OAKSTUDIOS

Friday, April 15, 2016

Friday Finds

It was hard transitioning back into the real world after this week. Luckily it's Friday and I will have a couple of days to readjust this weekend. Visiting a client/friend today at the beach to finalize paint colors, so I'm looking forward to that before kicking off the birthday weekend. These are the goodies that caught my eye this week! 

1. Stella & Dot now has sunglasses!! I got 3 pairs and all 3 fit perfectly! I don't think I've ever walked into a store and tried 3 pairs on that fit me so I'm psyched!  And how cute is the case they come in?

2. Old School. White Letter Board. This is so cool for a mudroom to leave messages! 

3. Ok arachnophobias, here's a tool for you. Saw this on fb and thought it was such a cool contraption. A dad created for his son who was afraid of spiders. Although I'll probably stick to my screaming and smashing with a shoe method, for those of you who want to save them...this is for you.

4. The Bouqs Flower delivery (received some beauties from my sweet gf's this week) and they're the prettiest hardiest flower delivery I've ever had. Delivered in cute packaging too!! 

5. Ella &Mila Nail Polish. This is actually a safe nail polish that lasts a long time!! My new go to and I love the Barely Pink color, great for everyday and if you're bad at keeping up with your nails like myself. 

6. Apple has new nylon watch bands that just came out. Cute for summer casual looks. I like the blue one! 

Friday, April 8, 2016


I couldn't help but notice all the cute bath accessories at Target the other day. If you're bath is feeling a little blah here are a couple cute updates you can make by just changing out the shower curtain, towels and bath mat. 

 1. Fringe hand towel 2. Brass Toothbrush holder 3. How cute are these tassel hooks? 4. Bath mat 5. Marble jar 6. Striped Shower Curtain   


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