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Sorry for the delay on the kids gift guides. I was having technical difficulties that we couldn’t get figured out until now. I know it's late and most people might be done shopping but I thought I'd post them anyway in case you're a procrastinator like myself then maybe they'll come in handy. So I’ve combined all my kids gift guides on this one post. There are gifts for the littles and gifts for the older kids. I do a lot of research on these and pick gifts that I think kids will actually like because well they told me themselves. I even have a couple go to girls I ask for advice on my gift guides every year. They’re always more helpful then my boy go to’s who give me nothing!!! The number one answer for teens was gift cards but you need to have some gifts to wrap and put under the tree so I’ve rounded up some other favorites on their list and I hope this helps you finish up some of your Christmas shopping. 

1.Pop up cafe - this is just too cute. I know I would have loved this as a kid and would have spent hours here. 40% off right now!

2.Name puzzle - I love giving personalized gifts. Etsy has so many great options that you can customize but this was one of my favorites. It gives your little one a head start on spelling their name too. 

3.Wicker baby carriage - I put this on here because I had one of these when I was little and it was my absolute favorite. It would also look darling in a little girls room as decor too. Another cute moses basket idea here

5.Wooden truck carrier - little boys favorite 

6.The cutest balance bike ever! I sort of want to buy this for Mason now even though he can’t even sit up yet

7.Adopt a dog - I saw these at crate & kids a couple weeks ago and thought they were the cutest! 

8.There are so many adorable kitchen play sets out there but I love this one! I see a lot of moms ask if a kitchen is ok for a boy and let me tell you that my boys played with our play kitchen more then any other toy. So yes, play kitchens are good for boys! 

9.Coffee cup teether so that baby can be just like his tired mama 

10. Hearth & Hand doll house - the cutest doll house of all. One of my Instagram friends decorated hers for Christmas and it made me love it even more. Check it out here all decorated for the holidays. 

11.Tip toe tiger book - soft cloth book for the littles 

12.Dreamer crown - because every little boy deserves to be a prince 

Soft blanket. I love this brand and now that we’re headed into the winter I’m finding myself reaching for warmer blankets when we head out for walks. 

13.Flamingo doll - this company gives back which is why I love them. They provide meals to kids in need with every purchase. The newly released flamingo is just the cutest! 
14.Pretend and play coffee maker - I got this for my niece and she loves it! 
 15.Wooden push toy - when you need to have toys all over your house it’s nice to have one that actually looks cute 

As I said above the first thing requested when I surveyed tween boys and girls was gift cards. Gift cards to places like Bath & Body works, Nordstrom, Athleta, Abercrombie, XBox, Starbucks, Nike and the movies were the top requests. As for gifts, I rounded up other items that were requested by the big kids. 

1. Sugarfina candy - who wouldn’t love this! The sugar sour lips are my favorite!! 

2. Wireless headphones on sale! 

3. Personalized luggage - this is a great gift that will last for years to come

4. Caboodles - I may just be adding a childhood favorite of mine on here because everyone needs a caboodle.

5. Personalized wristlet 

6. Athleta Sweatshirt- I actually have this in the adult version and love it!!! 

7. Vans high top sneakers 

8. Colorful adjustable wishing bracelet

9.  Toilet paper spit gun - this is something I could really regret but I know boys would love this 

10.  Hero avengers coding set - for all those super her fans who love to get creative with coding 

 12. Basketball hoop - how cool is it that you can keep score on it too?! 

13. Video game storage set - kids might not be excited about this so I’d pair this with a video game and gaming headsets 

14. Nintendo switch - my 9 year old loves this. The older one prefers Xbox because of fortnite. I like that they can use the switch as a tablet if they want to take it on road trips. 

15. Hover board - I know these have been around for awhile but a couple kids I asked this was on their list. It’s on my 9 year olds list this year. 

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