Wednesday, March 14, 2018

12 Chic and Adorable Easter Baskets

Easter is one of those holidays that just seems to sneak up on you so quickly. Maybe it's all the nor'eastors we've been getting that it hasn't really been on my mind. I realized the other day I better get myself organized. Meaning basket fillers, outfits, etc.. 

Growing up we had personalized easter baskets and I still have mine. It was something I thought was really special so I wanted to do that for my kids too. have the Pottery Barn Personalized sabrina easter baskets for my kids, which I use every year and they've held up really well. What's nice about these is they pretty much stay the same each year with the exception of different designs. So if you're adding another sibling, like we are, you can still get a coordinating basket for them too. They have so many adorable options and are on sale right now too!  

I've rounded up some of the chicest and adorable small baskets that would make perfect Easter baskets. Although we all know the kids don't care about the baskets, they just care about what's inside. I'll be sharing some basket filler ideas on the blog later this week. You can check out some more ideas here


Tuesday, February 27, 2018


Shopbop is having their Buy More, Save More Sale with code GOBIG18.

15% off orders of $200+
20% off orders of $500+
25% off orders of $800+

On Full Price and Sale items

It's a great time to take advantage of items that rarely go on sale. Stock up on your favorite name brand jeans, that handbag you've been eyeing up or grab a pair of new espadrilles for the spring. I'm sharing some of my favorite picks for Summer because I'm sort of over winter at this point. 

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Daytime Outfit-I love a good blue and white striped cover up that can serve as a dress too. The back of this one is so cute. Pair it with a jean jacket and your favorite white sneakers for the cooler spring nights with accessories that can easily carry over to a night time look. 

Quay sunglasses // Rope Handle Market Basket  // Blue White Striped Dress // Rebecca Minkoff earrings // Cocobella Sandals // White Bikini (Pricey but so cute! Why are bathing suits so $$?) 

Stacking Bracelets-Tassel Bracelet // Cuff Bracelet // Adjustable Bracelet 

Nightime Outfit- I love a good maxi dress and the cut of this one is so pretty. I still have yet to embrace the feminine floral prints but it looks like they're not going anywhere anytime soon and I like that this is a smaller print. Dress is up with a pair of cute earrings and a fun clutch. 

Shop more of my picks here: 


Thursday, February 15, 2018


Surprise... we’re having a baby! I’m sure you’re about as shocked as I was. Let’s just say this wasn’t planned but it also wasn’t not planned. I always wanted 4 kids but life hands you obstacles you weren’t expecting when you have kids such as Autism and children who still don’t sleep and sometimes it stops your original dreams in their tracks. We’re finally in a good place with the kids as some call it, the sweet spot. We can sleep in on weekends, sneak away for a couples getaway and (sometimes) I can shower in peace. Well, we can kiss all that goodbye! I may have cried this to my husband as I showed him that little positive sign on the pregnancy test. Going back to diaper bags, sleepless nights, plastic shit everywhere and being pregnant for 9 months was not something I could get my head wrapped around even though in my heart I always knew wanted more kids. We said to each other the only way this was going to happen was if it’s a surprise and that it was. Rob was beyond excited and I’m not going to lie I was a blubbering mess. You see, I don’t have good pregnancies, like puking from 5 to 18 weeks with month long migraines that I can do nothing about. This is one of the reasons why we stopped at 2 kids. I was actually researching more about adoption before we got pregnant because I was so traumatized by pregnancy. So as you can imagine I was terrified of what was to come. Fortunately this little one saved me from hugging the toilet bowl and mostly free of migraines but instead left me a zombie. Like SOOOOO tired I fell asleep at a red light and was terrified to drive for a bit. I’ve never slept so much in my whole life. It could be my advanced maternal age (gotta love those words) or the fact that I’m battling hypothyroidism during this pregnancy but I don’t remember this with my other 2 maybe because I was throwing up so much I didn't realize how tired I was. So I apologize for going MIA the past couple months but I had to save every bit of energy I had for my family and clients and it’s been a struggle. I’m hoping to round the corner soon and regain some energy as I head into the second trimester. Like any day soon would be great! 

Although this wasn’t in our plans, I mean who in their right mind would choose to be 9 months preggers in the middle of August, it’s such a blessing and we couldn't be more excited. Our youngest is soooooo excited to be a big brother. He has asked for this forever (actually he asked for 6 kids and I may have mumbled you’re the reason we only have two under my breath) and our oldest, well let’s just say he can’t believe he now has to worry about 2 siblings, my god you’d think it’s like we’re asking him to raise the baby. Which by the way he’s informed us he doesn’t have time for... 6th graders!!! Their reactions were exactly what I expected and I can’t wait to see them with a little baby. I’m hoping our oldest has a change of heart when he sees how much his younger brother admired him and I may be more excited about seeing our youngest as a big brother then he is. 

So as we embark on another exciting chapter in our lives that I’m more nervous about then I was with our first two. All I pray for is a healthy baby/pregnancy and that my husband is still as supportive in August as he has been these past couple months. God bless him though. I’m already miserable in the heat when I’m not pregnant I just can’t imagine how pleasant I’ll be pregnant. So if you see him this summer give him a drink. Just make sure it’s not a margarita because it may get ugly because that’s all this baby craves right now. Well that and Dairy Queen oreo cheesecake blizzards and since I can’t have one of those I think it’s ok to have 2 of the other. 

Cheers to thinking I can eat whatever I want! 🐷 

We'll also be doing a little re-arragning and remodeling of a couple boys bedrooms as we prepare for little brother to arrive so I can't wait to share all of my ideas and progress as the kids soon get the coolest rooms in the house. 

Thursday, January 4, 2018


A fresh start, blank slate or reset. Whatever you want to call it, it’s a time to re-evaluate your accomplishments and failures, things you want to improve on and goals you want to set for yourself. I’m not much of a resolution person because I found in the past if I didn’t stick to it I’d get upset and think my whole year was going to get off to a bad start because of these outrageous resolutions I set for myself. So every year I make a list of things I want to accomplish that year. Whether it be goals I have for remodeling our home, better organization to keep my head clear / our house running smoothly and self care which always gets put on the back burner. Writing these down helps me stay committed to them throughout the year. This year is about cleaning things up and simplifying our life. 

So I’m writing them down here, out in the open to hold myself more accountable this year. 

1.Home Projects 
Our house is a work in progress and a lot of projects get put on the back burner because I’m so busy with everyone’s else’s houses that I don’t have the time to put into my own. This year I’d be completely content if we just renovate our main bathroom, finish the dining room, the mudroom, wallpaper the half bath and finish our outdoor space. I also want to repaint a lot of rooms in our home as well too. 

This has been ongoing for me but is a part of my life that i crave and need. I sometimes wish I could take an entire month off and just get my whole house in order but that’s not going to happen so I broke it out into months. Since I work from home I need my space to be somewhat organized and so this is a top priority for me. I work better and have a clearer mind when everything is put away. Anyone else feel that way? I’m finishing The Life Changing Magic of Tidying up before summer this year. By the way if you haven’t read this book it’s the one organizational method that I’ve actually stuck to. I got a little intimidated when I got to the paper section and stopped but I’m determined to finish soon because I realized her method works. If you’re not ready for the KonMarie method and are looking for organizing tips yourself, check out Emily Ley’s Simplicity Challenge. She posts the daily challenges on her Instagram and they take no longer then 15 minutes. You an also purchase her newly released book A Simplified Life here.

3.Self Care 
Eating healthy and more exercise! We all make those New Years goals, right? So much easier said then done. Especially after lounging around eating cookies and leftovers for a week. With freezing Antarctic like temps outside the thought of leaving the warmth of my home to go to the gym is even more daunting. But I know once I start eating healthier and working out a little more I have way more energy and feel better overall. My goal is to workout 2-3 times a week. I like to do classes with friends because we hold each other accountable and working out with friends is more fun anyway. If I get busy my favorite go to workout are the Tone It Up girls. Their meals are so simple and healthy and their workouts are quick and fun. They just started a 5 day detox to kick start the New Year. You can read more about it here

4.Jennifer Cavorsi Design 
 I’ve been very fortunate to have had a lot of great clients this year and I have been busy. But behind the scenes has been getting pushed aside to try and get projects done. My goals for my design business are to finish my new website which will be launching soon. Lots of exciting projects in the works this year and I can’t wait for them to get started. 

5.The Style Nest 
Create more content for the blog this year. Share more behind the scenes on projects and happenings at JCD.

What are some of your favorite ways to set New Years Goals? I love hearing everyone else’s ideas. 

Tuesday, November 28, 2017


These past few years I've enjoyed putting together the gift guides for you. Although they're a lot of work (and sometimes take days to upload because your computer isn't working) I love finding new gifts and seeing what everyone's favorites are every year. I actually found so many good things for her that I had to make up multiple. It's not hard for me to find things I'd like to buy for myself. So today I'm sharing gift ideas for her as well as gifts to pamper her or yourself since Christmas shopping can be so exhausting. 

DIE CUT ART PRINT: Whether it's fur kids or regular kids, these make a great gift! 

DOUBLE EARRING SET: 2 pairs of earrings that she'll wear through the holidays 

INDIA HICKS TRINKET TRAY: Jonathan Adler designed trinket tray 

DIAMOND RING: This may be one of my favorite things I found. I LOVE this ring! 

COVET BAG: I promise you she will love this buttery soft leather bag that can be used a crossbody or a shoulder bag. This bag recently sold out so I linked my other favorite bag. 

POM BEANIE: I have a slight pom pom beanie obsession and this one is under $20!

TORY BURCH CLUTCH: You can't go wrong with this classic

ENGRAVED BRACELET: I wear mine daily and it's one of my favorite gifts to give. It's adjustable too! 

LAPTOP CASE: I'll be needing one of these and preferably a waterproof one but in all seriousness these are some of my favorite personalized bags and accessories 

CASHMERE NECK SCARF: The perfect accessory for those that are cold but don't like bulky scarves. I'd wear this everyday! 

AWAY SUITCASE: This has been a big hit from the Men's Gift Guide so I thought I'd add it to the womens too. Add her initials for a special touch. 

THE 52 LISTS PROJECTScreate 52 lists that will help you discover the beauty, joy and creativity you already have

BRACELET/CHARGER: I had this on the gift guide last year but since my phone is always running on 15% I thought I'd add it again this year 

RACHEL ZOE BOX OF STYLERachel Zoe taps her exclusive network to select fashion and beauty items you have to have.

FAUX FUR COLLAR: Obsessed with this color

WHITE LE CREUSET: These are a pricier kitchen item but once you own one you wonder how you lived without it

IPHONE CASE: If she recently got a new iphone well then she needs a cute case for it

CANADA GOOSE DOWN: This is a big splurge gift for sure but something she'll stay nice and toasty in for years!

Shop more gifts ideas for her here: 


SLIP PILLOWCASE AND EYE MASK: These are heavenly and you'll look forward to going to bed every night 

DYSON HAIR DRYER: This is pricey but I hear it is amazing! 

DR JART FACEMASK: Winter takes a toll on our skin and these water replenishment masks will help 

EAT BEAUTIFUL BOOK: December to me means EAT ALL THE COOKIES so this will definitely be something I'll be needing come January

GLOPRO: Microneedling at home kit

CORKCICLE STEMLESS: Take your wine to go

OUAI ESSENTIALS KIT: These products are a best seller and come in a little travel pouch

SLIPPERS: chic looking slippers

GREY MALIN CANDLE: He's one of my favorite photographer/artists and his prints are a splurge but on a candle is a little more budget friendly 

BEAUTYCOUNTER LIP GLOSS TRIO: My favorite lip glosses and they're safe! 

COZY FLEECE: I got this last year and LIVED IN IT! I couldn't wait to pull it out again this year when it got chilly

LAVISH BODY POLISH & LOTION: She will smell heavenly and have soft skin. My skin can't survive winter without these

BOBBI BROWN EYESHADOW PALETTE: The perfect neutral palette of eyeshadow colors

COMFY PAJAMAS: These are the softest! 

Shop more pampering spa gifts here: 


Sunday, November 26, 2017


   I have to admit, this is sort of my favorite gift guide to create, Maybe it's because I don't have girls so I'm not tired of shopping for girl stuff or maybe it's that I remember being so excited to make my own christmas list as a little girl. Whatever it is, I sure had fun with this one! I've included some more gift ideas below.

MERMAID BEDDING: Mermaids need their beauty sleep

LOL Dolls: I have no idea what these are but I hear they're a hot toy! 

DESSERT PLAY SET: A pretend set that looks so good you want to eat it

UNICORN SNOT: This one just makes me laugh, of course Unicorn snot has glitter in it

HP Portable Photo Printer: She can print her iphone photos right from her phone. The modern day polaroid

MICRO SCOOTER: Ok I may have picked this one because of it's colors because it's the number one color requested from all my little girl clients

NORTH FACE SCARF: I mean just look at the lining of this! Can I have one too?

POP SOCKET: Attach to the back of an iphone so you can rest it upright or it makes taking selfies easier

SCENTED PENS: It's a girl thing

INSTAX CAMERA: These are so fun and with so many extra accessories to go with this you'll have ideas to give the family when they ask what to get the kids

JOJO SIWA KARAOKE: For all the JOJO Siwa fans out there

AMERICAN GIRL DOLL: I may have picked her because of her outfit

CUTE SNEAKERS: These Unicorn vans are the cutest! I also saw a similar pair at Target too

DIGILOOM: Electronic bracelet loom. I'm sure there will be an app to control it next year too

EMOJI GLITTER PURSE: For the little glamsters 




Friday, November 24, 2017


The ultimate gift guide for the boys! As a boy mom a lot of these items have been requested by my 11 and 8 year old boys and some well love and tested in our household. 

SCRATCH OFF MAP: Such a cool idea for those little travelers

ICE MAGNATILES: My kids whoa re 8 and 11 still play with these. They also come in a new glow in the dark version too.

GRONK FOOTBALL: This has a built in speaker so they can listen to  tunes while playing catch with their friends

JETSON SCOOTER: This electric scooter has a little LCD screen that shows your speed and battery life and an LED laser beam light

GARMIN VIVOFIT JRkids will have a blast taking on challenges and adventures, and parents will appreciate the convenience of assigning chores and rewards

APP CONTROLLED FIDGET SPINNER: Meet the high tech fidget spinner. Play games, challenges and more in the app

BALLOON DOG NIGHT LIGHTS: A nightime guard balloon form

STAR WARS LEGOS: With the release of the new Star Wars movie mid December these legos are sure to be hit. This one has a rotating head and an opening hatch which makes it even cooler but beware's 1106 pieces! 

RIVAL NERF GUN: What parent doesn't love picking up nerf darts all day? The boys love playing nerf gun wars in the neighborhood and add the matching protective goggles and mask. 

VINEYARD VINES FLEECE: They'll be most excited about this gift for sure, ha! Although they'll thank you when they're nice and warm. 

BIKE: Fat tire bike to ride through town and the woods

MAGNETIC TABLET: Fun little gift to travel with and it's also relaxing to play with these

KLASK BOARD GAME: I saw a friends video on insta with her sons playing this game and it looked like so much fun. 

NINTENDO SWITCH: A video game console that turns into a handheld device too with games like Zelda and Mario Kart. This was basically sold out since last Christmas and I've seen a lot of places stocked but they're selling out quickly so you may want to grab this soon if you've had your eyes on it. 

YOGIBO BEAN BAG: My kids lounged on these in the store last year and after not wanting to spend the money I got a cheaper version which came apart in a couple months. Lesson learned. I polled friends on facebook about this one and majority said their kids and husbands loved these! 

LASER TAG GAME: This is a HOT toy! If you belong to Costco we found the double one for $38 The neighborhood kids are all getting these too!

Shop more boy gifts for boys here: 


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