Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Mother's Day is soon approaching and to be honest I think it's a total joke moms get one day. So make it a good one! Relax, spend the day alone, do what YOU want to do because you only get one day! 

If you haven't yet thought of a fabulous gift you deserve for being a mom (besides the best gift ever, our kids) here are a couple ideas

Mother's Day Gifts

1. Diptyque candles smell so good and they make the cutest make up brush jars when you're done with it. Mom would totally love these!! 

2. I love the bamboo handles on this bag as well as the personalization. Great summer bag and personalized gifts are one of my favorites to give 

3. Splurge-worthy sunglasses. I use to destroy sunglasses but as the salesperson at Nordstrom once told me. "If you buy nice ones you will keep them nice".....he was right. 

4. La Mer lotion perfect for the summer sun  and probably something mom wouldn't splurge on herself 

5. These Gray Malin prints are my new favorite. I just stare at them and relax a little bit. 

6. Blue is the hot color this summer, might as well update the watch to blue too 

7. I just got this magic miracle face mask from my friends over at Carefree Organics and love it. It's in a powder form and you create a clay mask with it. It's like playing in the mud but for spa purposes of course 
8. Create a memorable engraved charm necklace for mom with the kids initials or important dates from Stella & Dot 

9. Guess I'm loving sunglasses right now. These are a great color and shape. 

10. Loving this tunic from J. Crew

11. Pamper mom with a spa gift set and give her the afternoon off to enjoy it! 

12. Who doesn't love flowers? Skip the roses (unless that's her fav flower) A big bouquet of peonies or tulips will brighten her day! 

13. I'm loving these navy Birkenstocks. Waterproof and they come in different colors. Great switch up from the regular flip flops. 

14. As I was looking for something for a client I came upon this great clutch from Jonathan Adler. I'd love to get this as a gift for Mother's Day! 

15. Pink lips are all the rage right now. This is a fun toned down pink for a more neutral summer pink. 

Friday, April 24, 2015

Friday Finds

With the warmer weather slowly making it's debut I'm wanting to spruce up our outdoor space. Today's Friday Finds I'm sharing some of my favorite outdoor spaces I've found. Although my backyard will never look like any of these a girl can only dream, right?

The awnings...

I love the simplicity of this but yet it still has a traditional feel, this is why I want to visit the Hamptons. 

I'd love for this couch to be my office 

Hammocks and I don't mix too well. But if I didn't have a fear of them (concussion) this looks pretty relaxing

So pretty it looks like you shouldn't touch it

Chair cacoons, yes please. And I'm loving the white planters. 

I'm moving in next week. FYI to whoever owns this. 

The ceiling of this outdoor patio is gorgeous

Like seriously? Just don't drink too much or you may not make it out. 

If I could build a house again from scratch it would have these windows and siding but my house building dreams aside this is just an amazing space. 

Is this what life is like when you retire and don't have kids knocking over your patio furniture using it for forts? 

The greenery in this space is stunning. 

Enjoy your weekend!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Amazing Tree-houses

Growing up I had one of the coolest treehouses. My dad built it for us around a large maple tree in our backyard. It had a "shaky bridge" as we called it that connected to another covered tree house which was connected to the swings. As we got older my brothers and I added extra levels throughout the tree. Believe it or not I'm pretty handy with a hammer. We then jumped from those higher levels onto our trampoline and later strapped on our snowboards. And I wonder why I'm worried about my kids having their own trampoline. 

The kids enjoy watching Treehouse Masters and ask for all the treehouses they see being built. Although they won't be getting their own personal house to live in anytime soon I'd like to create a fun outdoor space for them. Maybe I'll have to dust off my old treehouse building skills.

Here are some amazing treehouses kids and adults would love. 

This is probably my favorite by Missy Brown Design 

These are some lucky kids. They fully decorate it at Christmas time too! The dog even has his own little house.

The door to get inside is so clever and I love the quirkiness. By Architerra 

Just looks so cozy and inviting, like someone is baking all kinds of treats inside. By Green Line Architects 

This is a boys dream. You have to use your imagination when playing in a treehouse but this would burn off lots of evergy. By J. Brownlee Design 

I think this would be more of a treehouse for myself. I'd escape here and not tell anyone where I was. I love the natural walkway to get to the treehouse. By BAR architects 

Just plain awesome! I wonder what's behind that door?

If your afraid of heights this probably isn't for you but it probably feels like your one among the trees.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Navy nautical home decor favorites at Target

In my frenzy at Target the other morning I stumbled upon a new Threshold home decor line of navy, gold and nautical theme items. If you haven't been to Target I suggest you go and check it out. Especially if you're digging navy like I am right now. The striped "lobstah" pillows caught my eye first but the rest of the items are pretty fab too. The anchor book ends and those navy side tables are on my wish list. 

Monday, April 20, 2015

Creating a Little Girls Dream Room

I recently had the pleasure of designing our friends little girls bedroom. For her birthday she asked to redo her room (which reminds me of something I would have asked for at her age). We met and she showed me all of her ideas. She was very specific too, it needed to be pink, Paris& nature theme and  fluffy accents! We had pinned a lot of the same ideas so we knew we were on the same page. Being the mom of 2 boys I don't know who was more excited about this room redo, her or me. Her mom and I thought it would be a great idea to do the install on her actual birthday while she was at school so she would be surprised when she got home. I wasn't able to be there when she arrived but the message she left me still remains on my phone. She's one of a kind and I was lucky to be able to be part of this surprise for her. 

Here is a look at what was created for her:


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