Planning a First Communion Celebration

First Communions are right around the corner. It's an exciting time for families and children to celebrate. We celebrated our sons First Communion last year, it was so cute seeing all of them in their white suits and white dresses. 

I always look forward to any event or party I can plan. The hit of this party was the bouncy house. Since when have First Communions included bouncy houses? Well, out of 3 communion parties in the neighborhood all 3 of them had bouncy houses. Kept the kids happy and tired them out so I'm not going to complain. If you're in the process of planning a First Communion party I highly recommend the bouncy house. 

I started with a theme for Conner's First Communion and browsed pinterest and blogs for ideas. I'm a huge fan of navy and green for the boys so that's where I started. I wanted to do something fun for the kids as well which was an ice cream sundae bar. Also a big hit! I think there were more toppings then ice cream consumed but hey, we had a bouncy house to wear off those sugar highs. 

Here's a look at our celebration for our little guy. 

My mom brought the cake pops from Pa. They were enormous and soooo good! I displayed them in terracotta pots. She also made a fondant cake topper with Conner's initials as well. 

A sweet goodie bar

Ice Cream Sundae bar:
I scooped vanilla ice cream into small mason jars and froze them. I placed in a bucket of ice and the kids topped them with their favorite candy

For the favors I ordered C initial stickers and placed them on clear cellophane bags with white coated mini cadbury eggs for our guests to take home. 

The invitations were ordered from TinyPrints

Ice Cream Sundae supplies- Target 
Invitations-Tiny Prints 

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