Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Easter Decorating

Spring is one of my favorite seasons. I love the excitement the kids get when we pull out the bins to decorate for Easter, the daffodils, warmer weather and we can't forget the mini Cadbury eggs and peeps. Which I may or may not have already dug into. Their just mini eggs, right? 

Well I have a little confession to make and I hate to admit this because I'm always on the ball with holidays, I totally dropped the ball this Easter. I'm not sure if it's the kitchen reno or the fact that there is still a foot of snow on the ground or that I just took my Christmas wreath down because I couldn't see it all winter but Easter has crept up on me quickly. For the past couple years I've organized an egg hunt which the kids love and we couldn't even do that because of the snow but the town one still went on which we missed because of a little sick one. Although I'd imagine it would have been hysterical since it was also snowing this weekend. It feels like we're totally bombing on Easter this year. But I promised myself for the kids I'll make up for it. 

Jake was feeling a little better so him and I decided to take a trip to the store because he wanted to make Christmas cookies, yes that wasn't a typo. We're all a little off in this house lately. A pit stop at Home Depot and he quickly forgot about his Christmas cookies and needed to have every egg shaped thing there was. Wonder who he gets that from? So we ventured outside in the freezing cold to buy some frozen daffodils (no joke) and he motivated me to get moving on decorating for spring. 

I'll be sharing with you this week a series of Easter DIY decorating tips for the procrastinators like myself, how to set a simple tablescape and how to create a fun Easter basket for your little one. I may throw in a couple other fun ideas and traditions we have in our family. So stay tuned for some Hoppity Hoppity 

As we were starting to decorate I realized this is going to be our first Easter in the new house. Last Easter we were on the beach in Florida visiting good friends doing egg hunts shirtless. But let's not think about that, unless you live in Florida or somewhere warm. 

I love decorating with things I already have in my house. I found some decorative bowls to create spring indoor planters since I think flowers would look ridiculous outside right now. These are so easy to make. I just place something in the bottom to protect the bowl. I used old egg cartons since they can be cut to size. The flowers don't need much water so they won't be drowning in water and destroying my wood bowls. But if you're worried use a glass or plastic container underneath. I also purchased this peat moss at Home Depot as well to cover the exposed dirt and placed a couple decorative eggs from the $1 section at Target. Gotta love that $1 section. 

Tulips are one of my favorite flowers. I also love the fact that you can most times grab a bunch for under $10. It's one of the easiest ways to brighten up a space. They also come in so many different shades it's hard to choose just one. Here I mixed tulips, daffodils & Lithius.  

I also used some target $1 section blue robins eggs to fill my crate & barrel terrarium. 

I still remember when I was a kid hanging Easter eggs on "my tree" in front of my house. We won't be doing that in this yard because the trees in front of our house are massive and the bushes are half buried in snow and half broken. So we'll deal with what we have and that's our sad looking little fig tree the kids named "Leafy". Although he's not looking so leafy lately. But they wanted to give "Leafy" some egg love anyway. Maybe it will cheer him up and he'll stop shedding his leaves. 

Then the boys went and stole the bunny and it totally creeped me out when I saw it. 

Since we were so last minute decorating I didn't really purchase any new decor this year besides my $1 target eggs but other great places for Easter decor on the cheap are Michaels, the $1 store, Homegoods and Joanne fabrics. They had 50% off all their Easter decor. 

Next I'll be sharing how to create a fun Easter basket for the kids! 


Friday, March 27, 2015

Friday Finds

1. Super cute metal letters that can be used as storage for little trinkets. 
2. I was at Crate & Barrel this week and spotted these eggs. They would make a great easter decoration in a simple bowl on a stack of books on your coffee table. 
3. Now that my kitchen is almost complete I'm getting back to my recipe search and I always love trying a new salsa recipe, especially one with avocado in it. Yum!! 
4. On Sunday, Rob and I had the opportunity to go to brunch without the kids and hunt for a kitchen table. I've been on the hunt for simple bedding and fell in love with this at Mitchell Gold Bob Williams. I just wanted to say "I'll take it all" but luckily my type-A hubby kept me focused on what we were really looking for. 
5. I always get in a lull with my clothes this time of year. I'm so sick of my down coat and boots. Looking at summer clothes just makes it a little more depressing because beach season seems so far away. But after seeing a sneak peek of the Lilly Pulitzer collection for target I can't wait for summer to get here. 

Have a great weekend!


Land of Nod // Crate & Barrel // cooking Classy // MitchellGoldBobWilliams // Lilly Pulitzer for Target 

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Spring Outerwear Styles

Spring Outerwear


It's hard to think warmer weather is on the way with a good amount of snow still on the ground here in Boston. But it will arrive and it always seems to arrive quickly. And then everyone panics that they need to shed their down coats and go buy a lighter weight coat and everything will be sold out because duh, why wouldn't you have thought to buy a spring coat when it was snowing outside. But leave it to my shopping partner in crime to be on top of it and remind me that I better start looking now. She asked if I had seen any cute coats out lately. Give me a mission gf and I shall find you some. 

I love a good jean jacket. It's a classic that can be worn with practically anything. Invest in a good one because it will become a staple in your closet. I also love this chambray version of an anorak style jacket as well. Looks lightweight and comfy! 

Anyone else obsessed with anorak style jackets as much as me? I purchased one at F21 a couple of years ago and get compliments every time I wear it. The army green color goes with everything but my only complaint is it isn't waterproof. I spotted this waterproof one in Lululemon the other week and love the zipper in the back. Love the white too! 

I have a bit of a blazer problem. I love them and they're my go to in the spring. They make great spring jackets. I spotted this striped one at target about a month back when I wasn't even thinking about spring. This would be cute over a white eyelet dress as well. A white collarless one is great for a night out when you don't need a full on coat and love the simplicity of it. 

Spring brings out all the pastels and bright colors. I adore a classic yellow coat for spring but I'm also loving this light aqua one and blue one as well. Something a little different then your average navy and olive green. 

Having a good trench coat in your closet is a must! Dressed up for holidays or worn with your favorite pair of jeans and ballet flats they are always a classic. I'm loving the look of the darker one. 

These 3 coats I would wear ALL THE TIME! The color goes with everything. I like that the middle one is quilted for the days when it's still cooler and you can't beat the price on the 3rd one at Old Navy right now. 

If I could splurge I would totally go for this Barbour jacket because I know I'd live in it. They have similar ones at a fraction of the cost at J.Crew and Target had them last year so maybe they will come back again. 

To find out where these coats are from just click on the picture. 

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

What's in my bag...

Once you have children your bags get bigger and bigger. Remember the days of carrying a makeup bag, a pretty organizer and headphones? Well let's see, my make up bag has been replaced with Lego's, I don't have room for an organizer and headphones, actually I do use for the gym but with the weight of my bag these days I probably don't even need the gym. Or maybe I should actually carry a pair of these when the whining has gotten to me and I need a little time out.

 I love the nights when I get to just carry a clutch but then again I'm a bit clutch obsessed so any excuse to carry one works for me. 

Here's is what my bag currently consists of:

My new Stella & Dot bag (which I love for Spring). I needed to switch it up and rotate out my black bag. 

My ipad which comes in handy for waiting rooms. I store it in this cute elephant clutch, see I told you I was always looking for a way to use a clutch. This isn't technically an ipad case but it fits a mini perfectly and has a little padding to it which makes me feel safer toting it around everywhere. When traveling I then use this as a clutch. It has interior pockets too! 

A scarf because I'm always cold and I love the Stella & Dot scarves because they're big and soft but not bulky and again if you're traveling (hopefully somewhere warm) they can be used as a sarong. 

My iphone which is like my 3rd child. It's my camera, my calendar, games for the kids, pinterest for me, etc. etc. and it's case I adore from Pretty Smitten Designs. They have so many cute cases to choose from!

I carry my phone in my Stella & Dot tech wallet because it's easy to pull out if I'm just running in the store and don't want to carry my whole bag. It serves as a wristlet and holds my phone. Win, win! 

I tend to wait in the car a lot at car pick up line. I never have the patience to do my nails or put lipstick on but this is the perfect opportunity. So I always have a nail file and my favorite essie nail polish, ballet slippers on hand and my sugar lip tinted balm with SPF 15.

I have so many of these little Stella & Dot poufs but they are so useful for so many things. Cords, make up, first aid kit or as seen in my bag...Lego's. They make cute gifts filled with fun stuff too! Hint Hint hubbies....Mother's Day gift idea filled with a spa gift card. 

My new Chanel glasses because my eyes are getting older and I can't seem to see anymore. 

My Mom's One Line a Day book which I just got because I have the funniest 6yr old and a smart 9yr old who corrects him. I was writing all his Jake-isms in my notes section on my phone but I tend to not keep things organized and this reminds me to write it down and put a date to it. It will be something he will have in place of his baby book which was never finished. He's a second child, things happen.  

and last but definitely not least snacks! What's even more fun is when one of your kids decides to throw a cheese stick in your bag and doesn't tell you. 

the other half of my bag.....receipts. I spared you that scene! 

I try and clean out my purse every Friday or in the car pick up line. Doing so has kept me more organized with my receipts and emptying out cheese sticks before they get too gross. Little trick I learned from The Fly Lady which I'll blog about another time.  

Cheers to heavy pocket-books! Who came up with that word anyway?

Friday, March 20, 2015

Friday Finds

1. Essie nail polish Spring collection 
2. Pretty Smitten's adorable personalized lucite anchor tray 
3. West Elms Sammy the Seagull pillow. He's got some cool kicks. I may need this for our new kitchen. 
4. Pottery Barn light fixture. I mean totally to die for, right?! 
5. The windows in this bath....ahhhh. I'd seriously have a mommy time out in there  everyday. 
6. Piper, a Minecraft Toolbox. My soon to be 9 yr old would absolutely love this! My first Christmas present! It's so cool for those into building, science and tech! Oh and the fact that it's called "Piper" which is the name of our cat will be the icing on the cake for the boys. 

Enjoy the weekend, 

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

My Skincare Routine for Winter Months

I know Spring is only a couple days away but I'm still treating my skin like its winter. These products have kept my face hydrated and have been my go to's this season. 

This is my all time favorite cream face wash. I'm a beauty junkie and love trying new products but I've been using this religiously for over a year now. It has a nice refreshing scent that isn't too overpowering. It doesn't strip your skin but still leaves it clean and its non-toxic! 

The first time I heard of oils I automatically thought they would cause me to break out. Well, they happen to have the opposite effect. I use Beautycounter's  Lustro Oil 3 before I apply my moisturizer, 3 times a week. I now rotate it with Josie Maran's Argan Oil light. The Lustro oil has a ylang ylang and wild chamomile scent so it can also be used as a perfume. The Josie Maran does not have a scent. Both are friendly for our bodies which is a plus! 

I have this bad habit of rubbing my eyes in the morning, pulling at my skin. So between my tanning bed teen years and my rubbing, I have wrinkles I don't like. I haven't found an eye cream that works miracles yet but I recently started using this MB one. I only use it every other day and at night because it's a little greasy. I notice my circles aren't as dark as they've been so I'm going to continue to use and see how it goes. This isn't like a glycolic peel, you leave this on. 

This is a lightweight moisturizer that fights aging. I use this daily and have noticed a huge difference in my skin. It's not oily and absorbs quickly if you're in a rush to put on makeup. A little goes a long way! 

The Multi-tasker: Skinny Coconut Oil

This is my favorite coconut oil because it doesn't have a strong scent. So I don't walk around smelling like a PiƱa Colada. You can order a set of 3 of these smaller sizes which I keep in my purse as well. I use this as a moisturizer, lip balm, eye make up remover, cuticle smoother, hand cream, swish in your mouth for whiter teeth (I'll post about this later) and the list goes on. While you're at it add a tablespoon to your coffee for more health benefits.  This is a solid but it melts as soon as it warms up. They also have a body butter as well which I haven't tried because I haven't needed it. 

This night cream makes my skin so soft and it smells good too. A family owned business. They carry a whole line of safe products from dish soap to baby products. I use many of them and have enjoyed them all! 

Moisturizing Face mask: Beautycounter's cleansing balm 

This is a cleansing balm but also a dry skin saver. I use this as a mask when my skin feels really dehydrated. I'll put on at night and wake up with the softest skin ever. I use on my kids eczema patches as well. 

I signed up for Honest Company's subscription and had to pick items to fill my order. I had no idea they carried lip balm. It comes in a trio pack too!  So of course I ordered that because beauty products are so much more fun then cleaning products. Chapped lips are everywhere in my house and I feel safe using this for the kids considering they practically eat it when applying it. It doesn't leave that nasty taste in your mouth either that other lip balms can do. 

Would love to hear some of your favorite beauty products!


Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Luck of the Irish

St Patricks Day

St Patricks Day by jennifercavorsidesign featuring round candles

Happy St Patricks Day! 

We awoke this morning to some crazy shenanigans by the leprechauns. Not sure about anyone else but kid are all hyped up about today. I don't ever remember setting leprechaun traps or the leprechauns leaving us gifts as a kids and I'm Irish. Well, the times have changed and my boys act like it's Christmas. They thought for sure this was the year they would catch them. I think they've finally given up and now just look forward to the gifts, which involved a grocery store balloon and heavily dyed green cupcakes purchased at 10pm last night because this crazy momma completely forgot until my 6 yr old told me at bedtime he can't wait to see the toilet water green. Thanks Pinterest! (FYI... I don't recommend green gel food coloring in the toilet) 

If only the Leprechauns left me green things like the items featured. I'm not that lucky but lucky for you some of these items are on sale today!! May Designs green notebooks are all 20% off today, World Market lighting is on sale and free shipping on all green items at Stella & Dot! 

Green Eye Candy Necklace Stella & Dot // Gold Lotus Pendant World Market // Green Zebra Notebook  May Designs // Filmore Tote Stella & Dot // Worlds Away Peyton Nightstand Layla Grace // Hedgehog Planter West Elm // Wildflower Candle Holder Bliss Home and Design


Monday, March 16, 2015

Fun stationary finds

I'm a lover of stationary and paper invitations. There is just something special about getting a good ole fashioned letter or invite in the mail. I love giving stationary as gifts too!  With so many cute options out there, here are a couple of my favorite stationary/paperie sites & designs I wanted to share with you. 

Kate Spade at Paper Source

I adore anything nautical. How cute are these as thank you notes for little boys? 
Paper Source

Minted is one of my favorite sites for paperie. 

Kids stationary is so cute! Personalizing these as a baby gift or a birthday gift would be such a fun present! All these are from Paperculture 

If I could monogram everything I would. I swear there is a little bit of a southern gal in me. Pretty Smitten is one of my favorite blogs/designers. They have the cutest things, including these adorable note cards. 



Thursday, March 12, 2015

Spring Shoe Wish List

I've always been a big shoes fan. I love different and funky shoes too. I'll never forget the time when we went to visit my grandparents in Arizona. We did a West Coast road trip. I was 13 at the time. One of the stops was Park City, Utah right before the Olympics. Their Arts Festival was taking place which is right up my alley! My purchase that I fell in love with was these handmade leather shoes. There was only one of each because they were all painted differently. I wanted to wear those babies everyday. 

My shoe love continues and these are my current Wishlist shoes for spring:

I wanted to get a pair of these last year. I know these are comfortable and they remind me of college. Anything to make myself feel young again. I couldn't decide what color or style I wanted but now I'm loving the white patent ones. 

Target has the best shoes for the best price and they always seem to be the shoes I wear the most. Jeweled sandals are the big trend this summer and these caught my eyes a couple weeks ago. I'm a sucker for mint too! 

And how cute are these target flats?! 

I need another pair of Havaianas like I need a hole in the head. But they are the most comfortable flip flops. I'd live in these all summer. Love the studs! 

I scored a pair of these last year at Marshalls. I had been eyeing them up but couldn't see spending $50 on another pair of flip flops. Luckily I spotted the ones I wanted for $9.99 at Marshalls. Check out their flip flop section, you can find some great sandals! Love the color blocking of these. 

My husband wears vans, my boys wear vans, the only ones not wearing vans were the cat and I. So I bought my first pair last year and love them!! Now I know why my 6 yr old was requesting to wear his. I have the black perforated ones, go with everything. I hate snakes but love these metallic snake ones for spring. I also like these Vince ones as well. 

Have you heard that Piperlime is going out of business? I'm devastated. It was my go to for almost everything. But I'm going to continue to be a best customer for as long as they're still around. Here are some of my favorites. 

I mean scallops and leopard in one? Need I say more? And flats sister the sandal. 

I have no where to wear these too but if I did I'd plan my outfit around my shoes. The Aqua ones would be so cute with a white dress. The nude jewel ones are just a classic I know I'd get a lot of use out of. 

These are a fun twist on the basic scrappy stiletto. 

Toms are the best! I feel good everytine I buy a pair of Tom's knowing it's helping a child in need. Rob got me fur lined slippers for Christmas and I practically live in them. Best slipper ever!!! But since I can't wear slippers out of the house (even though I do for drop off praying I don't have to get out of car) I'd choose these when I go home and actually get dressed for real. Love the color of these and they'd go with so much. 

These are different but I like them. 

I love that Toms makes all different style shoes now. These are a fun boogie to take you through spring into summer. 

I'm a super picky sneaker person. I feel like I look for sneakers for a year before I find a pair I like. I bought these last fall to wear with boyfriend jeans. Because they were white I tried to keep them that way but then I realized how comfortable they were and now I wear them to the gym. But since I only do Pilates (I get too bored if I'm not in a class) they don't get much use. 

Birkentstocks: J. Crew  
Jeweled Sandals and striped flats: Target
Havaianas: Zappos
Snakeprint Vans: Vans
Vince slip ons: Piperlime
Loefller Randall Flats & Sandals: Piperlime
Tibi Heels: Piperlime
Sam Edelman Jeweled pumps: Piperlime
Nude Loeffler Randall strappy heels: Piperlime
New Balance Sneakers: J. Crew
Toms: Toms



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