Seeing all these amazing dorm room makeovers is making me feel old and giving me anxiety that one of mine is closer to college age then I want to admit (not even going there). But putting that aside these makeovers are pretty freaking amazing. Considering you usually have a concrete 9 x 9 cell with one window, these dorms went from drab to fab quickly!  I don't know about you but mine looked nothing like this. Although I would have killed for one of these rooms and all their monogramed goodness!  Add a couple Ben Affleck posters, a tapestry (which I used for curtains instead), some leopard print bedding and a papasan chair and that's more what mine looked like. These rooms don't have any Ben posters but they sure have some pretty headboards and decor. 

Created by Dawn at After Five Designs

Why didn't these places exist back in the day? These sites are great for making a dorm room look so un-prison like.  Dorm Decor has custom headboards, storage cubbies and all sorts of other good finds to make your dorm room homier.

Room 422 has the cutest custom made headboards and pillows! 

How amazing is this room?

 If I could redo a dorm room I think it would look a little bit like this...


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