Thursday, October 22, 2015

Rose Gold Trend

I've been seeing rose gold pop up a lot lately, not only in jewelry but in housewares, make-up and fashion. Is it taking over gold? Only time will tell but it's definitely making a statement and a pretty one at that. 

Here are some of my rose gold statement favorites including the Stella & Dot resilience cuff. What I love about this bracelet is that the proceeds from this go to the Noreen Frasier foundation until October 31st. If you or a loved one has battled breast cancer this makes the perfect gift to let them know you're thinking of them. 

Scarf // watch (you can change the bezel) // aviators // candle. // eyeshadow // books // Stella & Dot cuff // phone case // clutch 

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Fall Home Tour Our Entry & Dining Room

Welcome back! Continuing on our Fall Home Tour this week we're heading into the entry and dining room. Now that I think about it with all my bats and ghosts floating around my walls maybe we are going a little overboard over here. 

Our Halloween Countdown Calendar from Nan

This is an old wooden bowl I bought at the estate sale they had at our house. I love that some items have remained in the home since it was such a cherished home by the previous owner. Filled with Target pumpkins (similar here). They had polka dots too but I'm a stripes girl. Simple way to add some fall touches is fill any bowl with small sugar pumpkins. In this case I used faux pumpkins but you could spray paint them any color you'd like. 

My new books came just in time and match perfectly with my EOS book. I highly recommend checking out all 3 of these books! Styled // Elements of Style // Habitat

My 6 year old wanted to put the ghosts on the wall so we went with it. These are foam ghosts from the craft store that are making their way through the branches (we found in the yard) upstairs. Good thinking since we're already having nightmares! 

We got a little carried away with our creepy crawlers. I found this new spider web color at Target and love it. If you have no decorating skills, all you need are these spider webs. Just stretch them all around, add some creepy crawlers and it transforms your home for halloween instantly. The kids love adding these! 

I guess when I say I paired down this year I kept the entry simple and clean

"Pumpkin Man" as my kids call him made his way back this year. An impulse purchase at CVS while buying candy last year. 

I added a new plaid throw from H&M Home 
They have some great throw blankets if you're on the hunt for some new fall ones. 

I added a pop of color with some red peonies and the kids personal touch, a light up pumpkin. It's all about compromise around here.

Beware of our scary puppy, Finley who likes to eat leaves

We'll be finishing up the rest of our Fall Home Tour 2015 this week! 

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Fall House Tour 2015

Welcome to our Fall Home Tour 2015! Throughout the week I'm going to be sharing how we decorate for Fall/Halloween around here.

This year, I decided to switch things up a bit and scale things back a little. If I allowed the kids to have it there way, our house would look like Michael's Halloween section on crack. I like to do a season switchover by incorporating different textures and colors, but still keep it fresh and light and throw in a couple spooky extras! 

Enjoy the peek into our living room (which is still a work in progress)!

Fall scents and colors are so warm and inviting. I love creating a fall ambience with he scents of pumpkin and apple.

I love incorporating faux fur and velvet during the cooler seasons! Pillows are such an easy & budget way to switch up a space.

I was so excited when I spotted these deep purple tulips at Whole Foods that brought in some fall colors to my neutral space.

More faux fur and a cozy blanket were added to my favorite chair.

My perfectionism wanted to kick in here but then I thought to myself that the backwards B was cute so I allowed my 6 year old to draw on the chalk stick on bats. How cute are these striped candles I scored at Homegoods?! 

Be sure to check back this week as I share the rest of our home! Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, October 9, 2015

Bathroom Inspiration & Design

I've been a little design happy lately. I've put so many boards together the past few weeks for so many spaces that it's made me want to redo so many things in my own home. So today while the plumber was replacing the toilet and sink in the half bath, out of curiosity I asked him about our main bath. Our one and only bath. After he told me it would only take a week (or so they say) I realized it may be a possibility in the near future. 

When we bought the house I thought this would be one of the first projects because it was ugly and gross which you can see here. Then we were told how much and how long it would take and we realized we need another bathroom to use before renovating. That was until I heard it can be done in a week! Excuse for a vacation. 

The hubs asked if I knew what I wanted to do in there. Ummm...he's asking me if I have something in mind? That's all my mind does is think about how I will redo something. Since he can't read my mind I created a design board for him. So today I'm going to share my plans with all of you too. But first a couple inspiration photos.

Ever since I saw this bathroom at The House Diaries I knew I wanted to do a navy vanity. Our goal is to add a master suite onto our home so this will eventually be the kids bath so I want to make it fun and less luxurious. 

You all know I'm a huge fan of brass and it looks amazing paired with navy in this bath. I also LOVE this floor!! I had always thought I'd want to do white penny tile but let's be honest, boys are gross and can't seem to piss in the toilet so maybe a patterned tile like this would be better for my sanity/ocd'ness. 

The vanity is so fun in this bath 

Here's a look at the design board for our bathroom. 

My starting off point is the navy vanity and patterned tile floor.  Not like my kids need a reminder to get naked but how fun is this bathroom print? Geometric print for the floor tiles because it's a print that will last for the boys as they become older. I'm literally obsessed with herringbone tile patterns. And think it would look great in the shower surround. I can't wait until the sledgehammer can be taken out on this room but until then I'll keep dreaming! 

Tuesday, October 6, 2015


Fashion Month always happens to have some interesting looks but when there is one spotted that can be worn in everyday life I get super excited. As the crisper weather approaches instead of throwing on your basic black peacoat add a little faux fur or color to your outerwear. I'm going to share with you some of my favorite's for fall. 

One trend I want to hang on to as long as I can is faux fur. If you're going to add a fun new piece to your wardrobe add some faux fur! This is the perfect way of adding to your wardrobe without feeling like Ivanka Trump.   

The Sweetest Thing Blog 

Menswear style peacoats are a big trend this fall which looks great paired with skinny jeans and heels. I'm obsessed with this blue coat. I bought one a couple years ago at Piperlime (by the way anyone else miss that site as much as me?) and I have gotten more compliments on that coat then any other I own. I'm a sucker for a cream peacoat, especially this one from Zara because you know it's so practical with 2 boys and Boston winters but I just can't resist a white coat. I'm so glad to see that J.Crew brought this hooded wool coat back. I will still probably chicken out and not buy it and then when I want it it will be sold out in the color I want. J.Crew hands down has the best fall coats. Right now they're 25% off with code SHOPNOW

I'm loving this wool menswear topper. Totally impractical but I've never been one to be practical. 

Olivia Palermo

Unfortunately if you live in a cold climate you know that the cute coat season doesn't last very long and we all walk around looking like this...
but seriously wouldn't you die for this when it's -12 outside? 
Down coats are sometimes a necessity but there are cuter options for when we need to look like a marshmallow or in this case a plaid or spiked marshmallow. These are supposedly wearable but I'm not sure for who?

Faux Fur Coats Sources

Shaggy Fur Coat // Cream Fur Coat //  Grey Fur Coat // 
Drape Fur Coat // Ivory Fur Coat //   Black Fur Coat 

Wool Coats Sources

Menswear Style  // Blue Stadium Coat // Gold Collarless Coat 
Ivory Topcoat  // Fur Parka // Black Buckle Coat // Aqua Coat 

Down Coat Sources

Packable Green Coat  // White North Face // Marmot Jacket //
Faux Fur Trim // Long Grey Down Coat // Black Faux Fur     

Does anyone have a lighter weight down coat and is it as warm as the North Face ones? 

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Master Bedroom Design Ideas

Did you know that your master bedroom should be the first room that is finished? It's the place we retreat to at night to recover after a long day. So why is it that our bedroom seems to be the last room we tackle? My thinking, as I'm sure is everyone else's most common thought is that no one sees it but you so we tend to want to redo a family room or kitchen before this room. Or maybe it's that you can't decide how you want to finish your room (raising my hand). 

I'm going to share some of my favorite bedroom designs and hopefully have a finished room of my own to share with you this week. But first I need to kick my 2 little roommates out. They think their rooms are haunted so all 4 of us and the dog sleep in one room. Might as well downsize to a one bedroom apartment, right?! 

I've taken so long to decide on a bedroom design because I go back and forth between a neutral serene bedroom or bold pops of color. Story of my decorating life. I tend to gravitate towards white, gray and black but love pictures of colorful rooms. Let me know your thoughts and some of your favorite rooms. 

Here are some of my favorites: 

I'm OBSESSED with this room. If I could start all over with furniture I'd do exactly this. But unfortunately I don't have a patio off my master either and I believe this belongs to a pro football player. Keep dreaming....

This bedroom has come back around as my inspiration multiple times. I love the linens and mixing of the fabrics but yet simple black and white design and gold accents. I'm such a sucker for gold. 

Dayka Robinson Designs

And then there's navy, oh always find a place into my heart. I love navy bedrooms but since we had navy floral wallpaper and it made me hallucinate at night and I insisted that we rip it down and paint My hubs may think I'm crazy wanting to paint the room navy again. So instead I painted the closet navy. 

My room is leaning towards this look. We had the walls painted this color and have a tan headboard so that's what I have to work with. I just love how peaceful it looks and peaceful is what I need at the end of the day. 

Collins Interiors

Hunted Interior has one of the coolest masters. I mean look at that wallpaper....GORG!!! I love the Pop of color in the ikat throw pillows. 

The Hunted Interior

This fall I am totally digging this color combination and buffalo check. The headboard and wall color are just meant for each other. 

Then there is wallpaper. Oh how I love thee. This is one of my all time favorites. I've considered the lighter blue version of this but love the jeweled tones for this room. 

Grant K Gibson Interior Design 

Back to black and white. This may be a little too traditional for me but this bed is amazing and I love the window treatments. 


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