Lilly Pulitzer for Target madness

The #lillyfortarget launch happened to be the highlight of my day today and unless you live in Iowa (where apparently no one was lined up outside at 7am today) you most likely heard about the buzz of Target's Launch for Lilly Pulitzer. 

I'm normally a black and gray with a pop of color or print shoes/bag type of girl but for summer I like color so I was looking forward to the Lilly Collection, especially since I tend to live in cover ups and bathing suits in the summertime. When I saw the preview and prices of the collection I fell in love. 

Some of my BF's and I made a plan on what we would buy, set up our target accounts online so we were ready to roll and picked a Target that we would physically to go to if the site crashed (which it did). So we raced to Target like kids running down the stairs on Christmas morning. My plan of heading to the city (because all the coastal targets would for sure have the Litzers in full force) totally backfired. It's the day before the Boston Marathon and that didn't stop my fellow line buddy from Charleston, SC who was here to run the race from getting her Lilly on. Shouldn't she be resting anyway?!! Impressed with her determination and wished her the best of luck running tomorrow. Maybe this was her warm up! 

Here's how it all went down...

7:30am:  I headed to the trendy Target in hopes all the prepsters were somewhere else and the basic monochromatic black and gray (which is usually me except in the summertime) Bostonian fashionistas were all curing a hangover from the night before. Wishful thinking, I was maybe the 40th person in line at 7:40am. (BTW I'm not a morning person and can't even get my kids to school on time so this was impressive) 

7:39am: scoped out my parking spot from the traffic light because I'm surely going to walk to that line faster then people fighting over a good spot 

7:40am: get in line and chat with fellow people who all had the same exact plan as my BF's and I. Texting my BF's that even if they've got the same thinking as we do no one has our shopping skills. 

7:45am: preview my list and prioritize what I'm going for first. I'm in need of some new cover ups, a fedora and bathing suits and they're all so expensive everywhere else so I was psyched about this line being affordable and having fun colors/prints for Summer. 

7:46am: security guard announces to everyone in line that we would be limited to 3 clothing items and 3 accessories and no limit on home items. Immediately text my BF's to see if they have the same rules and they have no limits at their store.....crap I should have went there because my bikini is going to count as 2 items and how am I going to choose between a cover up and shorts I really want? Turns out this happened to be a blessing in disguise. Happy customers, happy husband because I'm now not going to buy everything. 

7:48am: reprioritize my list to my 3 top items. Bikini and cover up. 

7:50am-8am: chat with my new friends and openly share our strategies. Litzers are so friendly when shopping together, who knew?! Even the boyfriend of a girl behind me had a strategy, he was going to sit and wait at Panera. I think he was forced to come along as extra hands. He scores good bf points for sure!

8am: line quickly moves inside, no stampedes, but quick thinkers and my priorities list went out the window when all that I could see was to grab for whatever was left. 

8:03am: racks are completely empty in just 3 minutes, no lie! 

8:04am: Panic sets in when I realized not everything was in one place. 

8:05am: think think think, what's next?? Nail polish....yes, the new Essie nail polish colors and cosmetic bags. 

8:06am: nail polish...check. Ooooh... I spied cute lawn chairs in their carts. Wonder where they came from? 

8:07am: overhear Target employee say stuff is in the seasonal section. Run back to seasonal to 2 hot pink vases remaining. The white pineapple dish I was coveting was no where in site. 

8:08am: now aimlessly wandering Target with no plan in place and realized I have an extra large bikini in my basket, seriously?? Ha, I only wish I could fill in that top. Walk back to return my bikini. 

8:10am: get distracted by a big crowd at the fitting room and head over to see what it's all about. Bump into my line buddies and my line buddies boyfriend who is now holding up dresses in size small and medium offering trades for his GF.  Whatever happened to his Panera plan? This guy is kind of genius or is really in the dog house and trying to make up for it. 

8:11-8:30am: hang out at dressing room like vultures waiting for leftovers. Offered a cute scarf I had to a sweet girl who didn't get anything and I had 4 accessories and was only allowed 3 anyway. Witnessed women try and fit into a little girls dress, saw a mom whisper to her husband who was pushing the baby in the carriage to "go follow that lady" and spied an awesome throw blanket in a ladies cart saying how pretty it was and her response "you can take it", she made my day. I offered her my beach towel since I really don't need another beach towel in this house. Hung out a little bit longer to chat and see the actual pieces in person and sadly watch the cover up I wanted pass by in many carts. 

8:30am: browsed store again, thought about any girls I needed to buy gifts for because how cute are little girl Lilly  clothes,  grabbed some snacks for the kids, a birthday card and gum because it wouldn't be a target trip without spending $150. Multitasking, right? 

8:40am: hung up my extra large bikini to a disappointed group of Litzers waiting at the empty racks hoping it was a cute cover up in their size. 

8:41am: eyed up everyone else's goods, made a few more friends and headed to checkout. 

8:42am: received a text from one of my BF's with her and her daughter modeling their mommy and me outfits. Girl is good. She was already done and home trying things on already. 

8:45am: other BF sends a pic of everything she scored. 

8:50am: leave Target on an incredible high even though I only got 2 of my top items. I think it was just the excitement and craziness of it all. 

9:00am: arrive home and see all the crazy posts about how no one got anything and there were 300 ppl in line at one particular target (glad I didn't go to that one) and that people went in and grabbed all the dresses from size 2-14. Another friend was #14 in line and racks were empty when she got to them. This is disappointing but I also expected this. I'm not a Black Friday shopper so maybe this is what it's like. I've always imagined people trampling each other and that wasn't the case today, everyone was civil besides the clothing hoarders. People take the fun out of things by taking a dress that you're clearly going to sell on eBay from someone who truly really just wanted that dress to wear themselves and maybe can't afford a real one. I'm sure the 60 year old man still in his pajamas can't wait to use his new straw tote and bathing suit cover up. I shouldn't judge, maybe his wife was sick and sent him in her place. Overall I'm glad that I went to the Target that limited us to a certain amount of items because there were more Litzers who walked out with something rather then nothing at all. I was told they were the only Target  who did that but I think they were smart. Plus I need someone to keep me in check sometimes anyway. Hopefully others will take note for future designer collaboration launches. 

Although I didn't get my pink fan bikini I really wanted or the little gold clutch, I did score the fedora hat, flip flops, Nosie Posey printed shirt, cute throw blanket, nail polish, iphone case and clutch.  

Did anyone else manage to get anything they were eyeing up? If not don't worry you can now buy that $24 cover up for $124 on eBay now. Which btw isn't really worth it. You can buy a real one for that much that's much better quality. 

Hope you had a Funday Sunday!

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