Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Easter Basket Ideas

The other day I shared some cute Easter baskets and today I'm sharing what to out in those baskets. I like to do a mixture of non-candy and candy items because there is nothing worse then a sugar high kid at church and brunch. I also like to include a gift from us. When I was younger that gift used to be live floppy eared bunnies. My dad built homes for them and it was one of my favorite memories growing up. I grew up in the country where coyotes didn't roam your neighborhood so I think we'll stick to stuffed bunnies instead and maybe a new bathing suit and towel because that's my traditional gift for the kids. I love getting them personalized towels like these cute Pottery Barn Kids ones or if you have a local embroidery shop you can have any towel monogrammed. 

Here I rounded up some of cute basket ideas and you can find them when you click on the link below



Wednesday, March 14, 2018

12 Chic and Adorable Easter Baskets

Easter is one of those holidays that just seems to sneak up on you so quickly. Maybe it's all the nor'eastors we've been getting that it hasn't really been on my mind. I realized the other day I better get myself organized. Meaning basket fillers, outfits, etc.. 

Growing up we had personalized easter baskets and I still have mine. It was something I thought was really special so I wanted to do that for my kids too. have the Pottery Barn Personalized sabrina easter baskets for my kids, which I use every year and they've held up really well. What's nice about these is they pretty much stay the same each year with the exception of different designs. So if you're adding another sibling, like we are, you can still get a coordinating basket for them too. They have so many adorable options and are on sale right now too!  

I've rounded up some of the chicest and adorable small baskets that would make perfect Easter baskets. Although we all know the kids don't care about the baskets, they just care about what's inside. I'll be sharing some basket filler ideas on the blog later this week. You can check out some more ideas here



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