Easter Decorating

Spring is one of my favorite seasons. I love the excitement the kids get when we pull out the bins to decorate for Easter, the daffodils, warmer weather and we can't forget the mini Cadbury eggs and peeps. Which I may or may not have already dug into. Their just mini eggs, right? 

Well I have a little confession to make and I hate to admit this because I'm always on the ball with holidays, I totally dropped the ball this Easter. I'm not sure if it's the kitchen reno or the fact that there is still a foot of snow on the ground or that I just took my Christmas wreath down because I couldn't see it all winter but Easter has crept up on me quickly. For the past couple years I've organized an egg hunt which the kids love and we couldn't even do that because of the snow but the town one still went on which we missed because of a little sick one. Although I'd imagine it would have been hysterical since it was also snowing this weekend. It feels like we're totally bombing on Easter this year. But I promised myself for the kids I'll make up for it. 

Jake was feeling a little better so him and I decided to take a trip to the store because he wanted to make Christmas cookies, yes that wasn't a typo. We're all a little off in this house lately. A pit stop at Home Depot and he quickly forgot about his Christmas cookies and needed to have every egg shaped thing there was. Wonder who he gets that from? So we ventured outside in the freezing cold to buy some frozen daffodils (no joke) and he motivated me to get moving on decorating for spring. 

I'll be sharing with you this week a series of Easter DIY decorating tips for the procrastinators like myself, how to set a simple tablescape and how to create a fun Easter basket for your little one. I may throw in a couple other fun ideas and traditions we have in our family. So stay tuned for some Hoppity Hoppity 

As we were starting to decorate I realized this is going to be our first Easter in the new house. Last Easter we were on the beach in Florida visiting good friends doing egg hunts shirtless. But let's not think about that, unless you live in Florida or somewhere warm. 

I love decorating with things I already have in my house. I found some decorative bowls to create spring indoor planters since I think flowers would look ridiculous outside right now. These are so easy to make. I just place something in the bottom to protect the bowl. I used old egg cartons since they can be cut to size. The flowers don't need much water so they won't be drowning in water and destroying my wood bowls. But if you're worried use a glass or plastic container underneath. I also purchased this peat moss at Home Depot as well to cover the exposed dirt and placed a couple decorative eggs from the $1 section at Target. Gotta love that $1 section. 

Tulips are one of my favorite flowers. I also love the fact that you can most times grab a bunch for under $10. It's one of the easiest ways to brighten up a space. They also come in so many different shades it's hard to choose just one. Here I mixed tulips, daffodils & Lithius.  

I also used some target $1 section blue robins eggs to fill my crate & barrel terrarium. 

I still remember when I was a kid hanging Easter eggs on "my tree" in front of my house. We won't be doing that in this yard because the trees in front of our house are massive and the bushes are half buried in snow and half broken. So we'll deal with what we have and that's our sad looking little fig tree the kids named "Leafy". Although he's not looking so leafy lately. But they wanted to give "Leafy" some egg love anyway. Maybe it will cheer him up and he'll stop shedding his leaves. 

Then the boys went and stole the bunny and it totally creeped me out when I saw it. 

Since we were so last minute decorating I didn't really purchase any new decor this year besides my $1 target eggs but other great places for Easter decor on the cheap are Michaels, the $1 store, Homegoods and Joanne fabrics. They had 50% off all their Easter decor. 

Next I'll be sharing how to create a fun Easter basket for the kids! 


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