What's in my bag...

Once you have children your bags get bigger and bigger. Remember the days of carrying a makeup bag, a pretty organizer and headphones? Well let's see, my make up bag has been replaced with Lego's, I don't have room for an organizer and headphones, actually I do use for the gym but with the weight of my bag these days I probably don't even need the gym. Or maybe I should actually carry a pair of these when the whining has gotten to me and I need a little time out.

 I love the nights when I get to just carry a clutch but then again I'm a bit clutch obsessed so any excuse to carry one works for me. 

Here's is what my bag currently consists of:

My new Stella & Dot bag (which I love for Spring). I needed to switch it up and rotate out my black bag. 

My ipad which comes in handy for waiting rooms. I store it in this cute elephant clutch, see I told you I was always looking for a way to use a clutch. This isn't technically an ipad case but it fits a mini perfectly and has a little padding to it which makes me feel safer toting it around everywhere. When traveling I then use this as a clutch. It has interior pockets too! 

A scarf because I'm always cold and I love the Stella & Dot scarves because they're big and soft but not bulky and again if you're traveling (hopefully somewhere warm) they can be used as a sarong. 

My iphone which is like my 3rd child. It's my camera, my calendar, games for the kids, pinterest for me, etc. etc. and it's case I adore from Pretty Smitten Designs. They have so many cute cases to choose from!

I carry my phone in my Stella & Dot tech wallet because it's easy to pull out if I'm just running in the store and don't want to carry my whole bag. It serves as a wristlet and holds my phone. Win, win! 

I tend to wait in the car a lot at car pick up line. I never have the patience to do my nails or put lipstick on but this is the perfect opportunity. So I always have a nail file and my favorite essie nail polish, ballet slippers on hand and my sugar lip tinted balm with SPF 15.

I have so many of these little Stella & Dot poufs but they are so useful for so many things. Cords, make up, first aid kit or as seen in my bag...Lego's. They make cute gifts filled with fun stuff too! Hint Hint hubbies....Mother's Day gift idea filled with a spa gift card. 

My new Chanel glasses because my eyes are getting older and I can't seem to see anymore. 

My Mom's One Line a Day book which I just got because I have the funniest 6yr old and a smart 9yr old who corrects him. I was writing all his Jake-isms in my notes section on my phone but I tend to not keep things organized and this reminds me to write it down and put a date to it. It will be something he will have in place of his baby book which was never finished. He's a second child, things happen.  

and last but definitely not least snacks! What's even more fun is when one of your kids decides to throw a cheese stick in your bag and doesn't tell you. 

the other half of my bag.....receipts. I spared you that scene! 

I try and clean out my purse every Friday or in the car pick up line. Doing so has kept me more organized with my receipts and emptying out cheese sticks before they get too gross. Little trick I learned from The Fly Lady which I'll blog about another time.  

Cheers to heavy pocket-books! Who came up with that word anyway?

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