Spring Shoe Wish List

I've always been a big shoes fan. I love different and funky shoes too. I'll never forget the time when we went to visit my grandparents in Arizona. We did a West Coast road trip. I was 13 at the time. One of the stops was Park City, Utah right before the Olympics. Their Arts Festival was taking place which is right up my alley! My purchase that I fell in love with was these handmade leather shoes. There was only one of each because they were all painted differently. I wanted to wear those babies everyday. 

My shoe love continues and these are my current Wishlist shoes for spring:

I wanted to get a pair of these last year. I know these are comfortable and they remind me of college. Anything to make myself feel young again. I couldn't decide what color or style I wanted but now I'm loving the white patent ones. 

Target has the best shoes for the best price and they always seem to be the shoes I wear the most. Jeweled sandals are the big trend this summer and these caught my eyes a couple weeks ago. I'm a sucker for mint too! 

And how cute are these target flats?! 

I need another pair of Havaianas like I need a hole in the head. But they are the most comfortable flip flops. I'd live in these all summer. Love the studs! 

I scored a pair of these last year at Marshalls. I had been eyeing them up but couldn't see spending $50 on another pair of flip flops. Luckily I spotted the ones I wanted for $9.99 at Marshalls. Check out their flip flop section, you can find some great sandals! Love the color blocking of these. 

My husband wears vans, my boys wear vans, the only ones not wearing vans were the cat and I. So I bought my first pair last year and love them!! Now I know why my 6 yr old was requesting to wear his. I have the black perforated ones, go with everything. I hate snakes but love these metallic snake ones for spring. I also like these Vince ones as well. 

Have you heard that Piperlime is going out of business? I'm devastated. It was my go to for almost everything. But I'm going to continue to be a best customer for as long as they're still around. Here are some of my favorites. 

I mean scallops and leopard in one? Need I say more? And flats sister the sandal. 

I have no where to wear these too but if I did I'd plan my outfit around my shoes. The Aqua ones would be so cute with a white dress. The nude jewel ones are just a classic I know I'd get a lot of use out of. 

These are a fun twist on the basic scrappy stiletto. 

Toms are the best! I feel good everytine I buy a pair of Tom's knowing it's helping a child in need. Rob got me fur lined slippers for Christmas and I practically live in them. Best slipper ever!!! But since I can't wear slippers out of the house (even though I do for drop off praying I don't have to get out of car) I'd choose these when I go home and actually get dressed for real. Love the color of these and they'd go with so much. 

These are different but I like them. 

I love that Toms makes all different style shoes now. These are a fun boogie to take you through spring into summer. 

I'm a super picky sneaker person. I feel like I look for sneakers for a year before I find a pair I like. I bought these last fall to wear with boyfriend jeans. Because they were white I tried to keep them that way but then I realized how comfortable they were and now I wear them to the gym. But since I only do Pilates (I get too bored if I'm not in a class) they don't get much use. 

Birkentstocks: J. Crew  
Jeweled Sandals and striped flats: Target
Havaianas: Zappos
Snakeprint Vans: Vans
Vince slip ons: Piperlime
Loefller Randall Flats & Sandals: Piperlime
Tibi Heels: Piperlime
Sam Edelman Jeweled pumps: Piperlime
Nude Loeffler Randall strappy heels: Piperlime
New Balance Sneakers: J. Crew
Toms: Toms


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