Pillows Under $25

Pillows Under $25

Pillows Under $25 by jennifercavorsidesign featuring textured throw pillows

I was browsing Target yesterday as I usually do on a weekly basis hoping there is something new from the last time I was there and came across some new pillow arrivals. I have a slight obsession with pillows but so does one of my bff's so I'm not alone. We giddily text each other once we spot a goodie! 

Throw pillows are the easiest way to update a room. I like to change mine around with the seasons. Well, that and the fact that everyone is so hard on pillows in my house. They spend a lot of their lifetime on the floor. Because of this I don't spend a lot of money on throw pillows. 

Here are some throw pillows spotted at Target for under $25. Great way to freshen up your space for spring.


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