Friday Finds

1. Essie nail polish Spring collection 
2. Pretty Smitten's adorable personalized lucite anchor tray 
3. West Elms Sammy the Seagull pillow. He's got some cool kicks. I may need this for our new kitchen. 
4. Pottery Barn light fixture. I mean totally to die for, right?! 
5. The windows in this bath....ahhhh. I'd seriously have a mommy time out in there  everyday. 
6. Piper, a Minecraft Toolbox. My soon to be 9 yr old would absolutely love this! My first Christmas present! It's so cool for those into building, science and tech! Oh and the fact that it's called "Piper" which is the name of our cat will be the icing on the cake for the boys. 

Enjoy the weekend, 

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