Tuesday, February 23, 2016


We use it everyday, so why not make it fun! The bathroom mirror is the jewelry for the space. It's a necessity that doesn't have to be boring. I love vintage mirrors, fun shapes and pops of color in the bathroom. It's the one room I like to go bold. Maybe because it's the smallest room? Whatever it is, I usually get a little gutsy with color choices. Although these are all very neutral, they still are the center of attention in these spaces. 

This mirror is gorgeous against this wallpaper! 

via mydomaine

One of my favorite shapes for a bathroom mirrior. via Country Living 

I've always loved the idea of mirrors hanging in front of windows. Maybe because the natural light that you will get when looking into the mirror. Perfect for putting make up on. 

I love a good round mirror in a bath 

Lilac? Yes, please! via Honestly WTF

And maybe my favorite little girls bathroom mirrors! 

Throughout the week I'll be sharing some more fun bathroom selections so be sure to stop back ;)


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