Ever find yourself lost on Instagram browsing one gorgeous home after another? Well, that was me when I discovered Laura Burleson Interiors. Adding her to my list of design crushes. This is definitely a great Friday Find I recommend checking out, I promise you'll fall in love! Her spaces are AHHHH-MAZING! Just when I think I have a favorite, I click on another one and like that space even more. Here are some of her projects and I wish I could copy and paste that office right into my own home. (Currently trying to come up with a new office design) Enjoy this home eye candy and hope everyone has a great weekend! Yay for Friday!

I would die to have one of the boys rooms look like this. I love everything in this space but the alcove with the elephant....LOVE! 

Hello Mudroom! That wood on the back of the cubbies, color combo and lucite hooks are just plain awesome and I like the grates on the cabinet insets too. 

This color is gorgeous on these walls and how cute is that dalmatian print?

These are my favorite colors and I have wanted to use this Schumacher wallpaper somewhere in my house. Never thought of the basement but it may get added to my basement wish list. I love the painted door too. 

I love the use of the wallpaper as a backdrop here. Although with the amount of coats that we have you'd never see that beautiful wallpaper. 

and I saved the best for last. Just absolutely STUNNING! 

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  1. Wow! Gorgeous rooms. Totally pinning that mudroom for inspiration. Thanks Jen! :)

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