Wednesday, February 10, 2016


Wallpaper is one way to make a statement in a room big or small. There are graphics, grasscloths, vinyl wallpaper, leather wallpaper. Really anything you want you can probably find.  I'm obsessed with wallpaper but not everyone else is. Or they don't know where to use it, are nervous to go with a bold graphic or invest the money in a grasscloth. Here are some of my tips for adding some wallpaper into your life. 

Accent walls:

I used a bold black and gold geometric hexagon pattern from Cole & Sons as an accent wall in my kitchen to tie in the brass and black throughout the rest of the kitchen.

There is even faux wood wallpaper. Which I think looks amazing on this fireplace surround. 

Headboard walls:

Nervous to go all in? Start out with just one wall. Create a focal point in the room. Here are some headboard walls I love. 

or if you want to keep the room tranquil

One of my favorite uses of a map in this little boys room. These ladies are some of my favorite designers.


Although not always practical I love wallpaper in a bathroom. A half bath without a shower would be a great option. It's a small room so there is little commitment you have to make.

I love the use of bright colors in the bedroom and a black and white geometric wallpaper in the bathroom.

Dressing room: 

If you're lucky to have a dressing room this would be a great place to add a fun or feminine wallpaper that you wouldn't necessarily use in another room in the house. 

and how fun is this on the stairway..

Some more fabulous statement wallpapers:


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