My Favorite Beauty Products Right Now

I don't consider myself a beauty expert but I am a beauty product junkie. I've tried LOTS of products and have narrowed it down to some favorite go to's that I thought I'd share with you. 

To give you a little overview of my skin: I have fair skin with blue undertones, light eyes and thin see thru skin on my eyelids which results in purple veiny eyelids and under eye circles. Not pretty! So if you have the opposite coloring, my opinions on these products may not apply to you. But if you're still curious, read on because I do have a great mascara recommendation! 

Finding a good concealer is always a challenge for me. One of my BF's and I have been on a concealer mission and we've found a couple favorites. We've found a good drugstore and high end one we both love.  It's a splurge but we hear it lasts forever and we think it's worth it. I suggest finding it in store and having your color matched before buying. The Laura Mercier is thick and some say it's too cakey or dry for them but this has worked well for my dark circles and I haven't had problems with it being dry. Click on pictures to shop. 

Mascara is an every day staple over here. I never leave the house without it, even if it's the only make up I wear that day. I've recently discovered this Too Faced one and its a new favorite. It's the only one I use. It sort of lives up to it's name too. 

Beautycounters eye liner is my current go to. I've tried many other drugstore brands and they all end up below my eyes at the end of the day. This one stays put and has no bad ingredients in it. It also has a little blender tip on the other end for smoky eyes. Comes in 4 colors too. 

Eyeshadow palettes are my favorite because you get multiple options in one place. Only negative is when you run out of your everyday go to. My favorites are the Smashbox palettes and trios. Their colors are well pigmented and last all day and the brush that comes with this palette is the perfect eyeshadow brush. 

Blush- colors vary for each person and I change mine throughout the seasons depending on my tan. My go to is Nars orgasm because it has a shimmer to it that reflects light and gives you a little glow. I may or may not have bought this Physicians Formula blush because of the cute little design and ended up liking it a lot. It's made with argan oil which is known as liquid gold. I always think of it as a bonus if my makeup is helping my skin too!

Foundation - I have had a favorite foundation that I've used for a couple years now. Every time I try something new I always go back to it. Now I don't even mess with it. Make Up For ever foundation is hands down the best in my opinion. It stays on all day, gives a full coverage without the heavy feel and never feels oily. I've found a good drugstore brand that I like as well. 

I like a bronzer without shimmer that I can also use as a contour powder as well. This Beautycounter one works perfect for both and lasts forever. 

Lipstick- I'm not much of a lipstick person. I prefer lipgloss or Sugars lip balm. Do I wish I could pull off a red Scarlett Johanson lipstick? Sure, but I just feel funny so I never do it. Instead I opt for the neutral shades. Beautycounters lipsticks have been my go to because they don't bleed and are safe to use. Clearly I haven't fully cleaned up my makeup but something that I put on multiple times a day on my lips I'd rather use the safe stuff. 

Finish it off with Make Up For Ever setting spray and you won't need to touch up all day! Seriously the best!! 

 If you're out shopping and try one of these out let me know if you love it as much as I do. I always love hearing everyone's favorite beauty products. 

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