Favorites from the Oscars

The Oscar red carpets are an event I look forward to every year and unfortunately missed them this year and found myself actually watching the entire Oscar Awards just to see what everyone was wearing, which sort of looked like a prom   Anyone else notice the prom-ish dresses this year?  I also realized I need to up my movie game. Is it sad that the only thing I recognized was the minions and Star Wars?

Without a doubt my favorite of the night was Margot Robbie. Obsessed with this dress!! Her hair could have been brushed more. 

Some runner ups 

Saorise Ronan's dress is stunning. Probably my second favorite look of the night.  The color, cut and accessories were spot on. She wore it well. Keeping the accessories and hair simple. While I'm on this color loving kick, Rachel McAdams was stunning in this bombshell look.  I loved this as well although it's hard to not have wrinkles and that always ruins the look for me. Her assistant should have followed her with a steamer. 

Love love love the back of this dress and her hair may be my favorite. Olivia Wilde looks gorgeous but she's always a natural beauty. This may not have been a favorite of others but I really liked it. It may have maybe been better crossed in the front or maybe she should have just walked backwards all night and removed the choker. 

When I first saw this dress I loved the simplicity and color of it. Olivia Munn can wear anything and look good. Did you see her amazing bracelet too? Although her cheeks were a little to matchy matchy with her dress. 

Olivia Munn just shared her push up cleavage secret with the world but clearly Lady Gaga didn't get the memo. If she would have I would have loved this even more. But she had a kick ass performance so that made up for it. 

I think Jennifer Garner looked gorgeous (take that Ben)! I think she nailed the whole look and was one of my favorites of the night. 

One word....PRETTY! How awesome would this be as a wedding dress?!

Charlize Theron is so beautiful in this red number

They rocked it last year as a couple and again this year. I am in love with her dress detail and his jacket and shoes. 

Best Hair 

 Naomi Watts brought the glitz and wins best hair for me

The most dapper of the night, Jacob Tremblay (gets his cuteness from his good looking parents, obviously). His reaction to the Star Wars Stars hitting the stage was so adorable. 

The worst of the night

Heidi can pull off anything but really Heidi? This was just bad. Looks like her kids wrapped her up in tulle. 

I adore Tina Fey but this just felt so bridesmaid dress to me. The color is pretty on her but I just wasn't a fan. 

and the infamous flower, no further comments

Favorite after party outfits 

What were your favorites of the night?

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  1. These are adorable outfits. I loved their attire for the Oscars. Margot Robbie’s golden outfit is my favorite one among all. I would like to have such a cute dress for my engagement party. We have booked one of popular event venues and now planning other things.



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