It’s week 5 of the One Room Challenge Fall 2018 edition and I’m starting to feel good about how this room is coming together. 

Check out the progress from past weeks 

A few things happened this week including getting the furniture put together, framing the art prints and the rug arrived. This was the 2nd rug to arrive as the first was too white and my dog, Miss Finley likes to mark her spot when new rugs come in...ugh. I was torn between these 2 Momeni by Erin Gates rugs but in the end ended up going with my original plan although I still keep thinking about the other one.

I loved this rug but was worried it would compete with the wallpaper

I’m going to be heading to Homegoods and Crate & Barrel kids to find some last minute decor pieces. Follow along in my stories on Instagram to see what I find and then check back next week for the BIG REVEAL! eeeek

Thanks again to Liz at Calling it Home for organizing the One Room Challenge

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