I’m so excited and nervous to share that I’m participating in my first One Room Challenge. This is my first time to join in with Linda of Calling it home who hosts this biannual room makeover series called the One Room Challenge (ORC). For those of you who haven’t heard about it, it’s a challenge where hundreds of bloggers design and or renovate one room of their house in just six weeks. Yes, I’m officially crazy for taking on this 6 week challenge with a 6 week old but I’ve been wanting to participate for a couple years and I have the perfect room for the challenge. 

Over the next 6 weeks I’ll be sharing the design plans and the process behind the design. You can follow along with me as I share what's happening on the blog and on Instagram. 

For this project I've decided to makeover one of my son's rooms into a nursery for my newest son. You may remember seeing pictures of this red room with it's cute Nantucket-ish wallpaper but that was the only thing cute about it. The wallpaper was damaged and the whole room was in need of a fresh update. Before we knew we were expecting my original plan was to update this bedroom for my son, Jake. Well, we had a little surprise...another baby on the way. I was so in love with the design concept I had come up with for Jake that I decided to keep this plan but tweak it a little but and add some fun whimsical touches for the baby. I also wanted it to be a room that he could grow into and if his older brother wanted to share a room with him one day, they would easily be able to do so. 

Here's a look at what the room looks like.


Here is the MOOD BOARD for what I'm envisioning the room to look like: 

  • Remove wallpaper 
  • Add shiplap to the walls
  • Choose Wallpaper
  • Select paint color for the shiplap/walls
  • Artwork for above the crib
  • Add a rug that will anchor the room 
  • Order a simple modern crib and mattress
  • Order a comfortable rocker/recliner with a high back for middle of the night feedings
  • Change out the light fixture
  • Find a dresser that is a nice height for diaper changes and has a lot of storage
  • Bookshelves 
  • Floor lamp for reading books
  • Window treatments that are blackout shades
  • Storage for books/toys
  • Hook for the back of the door to hang towel/bags
  • Lamp for dresser
  • Crib bedding
  • Crib Mobile
  • Possibly add a mirror above the changing table
  • Add a side table next to the rocker 
  • Pillow for rocker
  • Laundry hamper
  • decorative accessories 
Wow, I hadn't written that out until now because it was all in my head. I better get my butt in gear! I hope you'll drop by the blog next week to see the progress. You can also find me on Instagram where I'll be sharing some behind the scenes and Pinterest

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