I decided to split up the boys and girls gift guides because there was just too many great gift ideas that I thought this would make it easier for everyone to read. So if you have boys to shop for here are some things my boys are asking for, things they've gotten in the past and still love or things that just look pretty cool.

I've sourced majority of these toys from Target because they are having 20% off all toys right now with code TOYS. Click on link in description in each item to see online.

1. If you live in a snowy part of the country these LLBean snow tubes are so durable and I'm always looking for reasons to get the boys out of the house in the winter time. (Get 20% off with code THANKS20)

2. I took my kids to Barnes and Nobles and looked for reactions to different toys and this one was thought to be "pretty cool" a 3D marker. It reminds me of the wicky sticks you get in some restaurants but this is way more fancier. It melts the sticks so you can create 3D projects.

3. Table top air hockey table. I like that this can be stored under the couch when not in use and doesn't take up a ton of space and the kids love playing it.

4. My son got this BB8 last year and it's the coolest little robot. Now they have a watch that pairs with it and you can use Jedi forces to get the BB8 to follow you. All the items can be purchased separately or they also have a bundle with the watch this year.

5. A friend told me about these blankie tails last year and my kids love them. They actually walk around in them too which looks pretty funny but they're soft, they wash well and have held up well. You can even have their name monogrammed on them.

6.  Anki Overdrive has been the most used gift in our household. Santa got it for our 7 year old last year and he has traveled everywhere with this Anki Overdrive Track set. You can buy a starter kit which comes with 2 cars (they're not cheap) then the boys wach purchased a car with gift cards they got so we could have 4 cars. The only negative is the kids need to use a phone or ipad as the remotes but because they do that, there is an app that tracks their racing stats, etc. The cars also aren't cheap but have been used heavily for a year and we haven't had any issues. The coolest things about it are that the cars actually stay on the track and if they fly off they make their way back to the track and the tracks are bendable and magnetic so they stay together. I saw this in a lot of black friday ads so you can score a better deal on it then but highly recommend this one!

7. Since we live on a hill my kids would probably kill themselves on a ripstik but a great teenager gift or if you don't live on a hill. They look fun and I would have probably loved one as a kid myself.

8. Build your own video games with Bloxels! The innovative video game creation platform makes concepting and execution easy. Watch your game world come to life as you create and animate play spaces, characters and objects because you are the artist, game designer, storyteller, programmer, publisher AND player! 

9. My boys love these Wubbles and at first I thought they were odd but the other night my son was using his as a bean bag chair. I thought for sure it was going to pop but it didn't. They're inexpensive too!

10. If you haven't seen the game Speak Out yet I highly suggest you look for it on YouTube. I almost pee'd my pants watching these videos. There are 2 different age groups you can buy with this game.

11. Any type of LEGOS will do with boys!

12. This is a great scooter for those not ready for the razor scooter. It has a back kick break and 3 wheels instead of 2. My 7 year old loves his!

13. The OSMO great educational gift. They've added some new sets to it this year like this cool drawing/projector one. There is also a new coding kit as well. Kids have fun while learning. IPad required. (This never goes on sale and it's on sale on their website right now)

14. This is all my 7 year old wants this year. Also made my Anki is Cozmo. There are a lot of robots out there this year. Another one that also looks cool is Dash. It's amazing what these little things can do but you can program them to do certain things, they have voice recognition and my kids told me that this one is cautious around pets. I'm sure the dog will love it!

15. We got these last year when they came out and I have to say these little StikBot's (20% off with code TOYS) are sort of addicting. They know come in a set with a green screen so you can create any type of background you'd like. They're little guys with suction cups on their hands and feet and you position them and take pictures and create a little video with them. It's pretty fun!

16. Any NERF gun will do but this is the modulus Nerf Gun. You can reconfigure it and attach different pieces to it. The additional pieces are sold separately and this gun is pretty big but the kids don't seem to mind.

Shop more gift ideas for boys here:

I'm not sure I think this is a good idea but kids would probably love this Fabriq version of Amazons Alexa. Just tap the mic button and ask Alexa to order a pizza, set a timer, use for music and more. If my kids had this the pizza delivery guy would be at our house everyday but I think it's a cool gift for a college aged student.

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