Whether it's your husband, dad, brother, uncle, boyfriend or whatever male you have to buy one thing is for certain, they're not easy to shop for. I asked Rob for some ideas and he looked at me and was like I have no clue. Thanks honey, big help! (was hoping to get a couple ideas myself) So I was left on my own to figure it out. At least my girlfriends were more help and had a couple good ideas of gifts their hubbies liked. This year there are a lot of tech gifts but that's what guys seem to like.

1. This Box Fox is 4 gifts in one. An inspirational book, leather tray, x-long phone charger and mens lip balm. 

2. For the adventurous one. They've updated the GoPro with a new version that allows you to see your videos on the screen instead of the app. 

3. I've raved about Sorel boots before but they are hands down the warmest boots I've ever owned. My feet are always cold but not in these and I love the color combo of these for him. 

4. He'll always have cold water on hand with this stylish Swell bottle 

5. The new iphone 7's take such amazing pictures that I can only imagine adding an Ollo lens would make them even better. Great for the photographer who doesn't want to carry around a larger camera all the time. It's a wide angled, fish eye and macro lens. 

6. This fleece caught my eye in the store. It not only looks good, it's super cozy too! 30% off right now with code FESTIVE

7, Remember when we were younger and our dads had to carry around the VCR to capture home videos and then to be able to watch them you had to plug in the VCR with the VHS tape? Well fortunately for Dad's these days technology has come a long way. Now you can just pop it into this little projector and enjoy a family movie night. 

8. A friend told me about this and I know some guys that would really like this. A ManCan-mini keg for his fridge. Have it filled at your local brewery and it keeps it carbonated until the very last drop. You can even personalize it. 

9. Too bad Thanksgiving isn't after Christmas because this bluetooth thermometer would make a great gift for my husband when he's deep frying the turkey. They can monitor their meat via an app while enjoying a beer from their Man Can. 

10. A shave kit delivered to his door every 3 months

11. I thought this NES Classic Edition would make a great gift until I learned that Paper Boy and Duck Hunt aren't included. Really Nintendo??? Guess it doesn't matter much anyway because they're hard to get your hands on one right now. I heard that Nintendo is trying to build up the hype and so they are only releasing so many a day and that you'll be able to get it in time for Christmas. So they say. 

12. If you really really want to impress him this year, this Sonos system is amazing. You're able to set up multiple speakers and play different songs in each room. The sound is amazing too. I don't know all the little technical details so it's probably best to go to Best Buy and have them explain what you'd need. 

13. He can get his electronics shit under control with this ipad, phone and watch charging stand. There is nothing that drives me more insane then the cords and chargers everywhere but yet one always seems to be missing. 

14. For the traveler in your life Flight 001 makes great travel accessories including this mini bar kit

More gift ideas for him are included below: 

If you have any great gift ideas for him you'd love to share I'm all ears! 

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