It's the biggest shopping day of the year.....wooohoooo! Soooooo many good deals going on right now. Anyone out shopping today?

To say I had fun doing this girls gift guide would be an understatement. I don't have any girls but I have nieces and friends with girls. So I asked them what is on their wish list and maybe I added a couple that I would pick out when I was a tween. I included a combination of gifts for tweens and younger girls. 

1. Emoji Pillows 😍😜😎😂

2. Lululemon headbands. If you've seen a girl walking around lately you know these are a huge hit! Would make a great stocking stuffer too!

3. My kids love their lava lamps and this one is super fun because you can write on it

4. Did anyone else love these jewelry kits when they were younger? This Charmazing one looks fun because they look similar to the alex and ani bracelets that girls love and you can order different style kits as well. 

5. LUSH cosmetics bath bombs. Will be adding some of these to my wish list too. They look like candy and smell amazing! 

6. Patagonia coats was another item big on girls wish lists this year. I love their sweater coats because they're lightweight and warm. 

7. Headphones that you can design yourself!

8. This is a fun version of Amazons Alexa. Comes in 3 different patterns. I still don't get how this is any different then siri but it seems to be a big gift this year. If my kids had one of these we'd probably have the pizza delivery guy here every day. 

9. Who remembers puffy paint? I was seriously obsessed. So obsessed I had a puffy paint your tshirt birthday party and I still remember it. Well this is the modern puffy paint. Gel a Peel and create your own jewelry with it. 

10. Just Dance for Wii or Xbox. Have you played this yet? Sooo fun! 

11. Gift cards can be impersonal but it's what tweens love. Nordstrom, Bath & Body Works, Ivivva, Lululemon were all top on wish lists. 

12. Who doesn't love a Barbie dream house. I sorta get really sad when I know that I'll never buy one of these. 

13. I love flamingos and this stuffed flamingo is so darling 30% off with code LETSGO

14. Seriously how insanely cute is this play kitchen? Gone are the days of the large ugly plastic ones taking up your space when you can have one that looks nicer then your own kitchen. By the way little boys love these too no matter what your husband will tell you. It's the closest thing to a girly toy us boy moms will get away with. 20% off with code OHWHATFUN

15. American girl dolls. My favorite was Samantha! This is another gift I wish I could buy and after visiting our American Girl doll store for a gift, I'm wanting to borrow someones little girl for the day just so we can go visit and go to the cafe and do whatever else you go at the American Girl Doll store. 

16. This Cat & Jack unicorn sweatshirt is the cutest

17. Create your own fairy garden. These are so stinkin cute! 

18. Num Nums Lip Gloss kit truck because what girl doesn't love lip gloss?

A couple more gift wishes and ideas for girls: 

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