Every year I drive myself crazy trying to find coordinating family outfit ideas for family pictures. Please tell me there are others out there who do the same?  I search pinterest, stores and instagram for inspiration for the boys and something for mom and dad that all coordinate. My suggestion when deciding what to wear for family photos is to consider your location. If you're doing outdoor fall photos you can go for the warm jeweled tone colors, navy, cream cable knit sweaters, jeans, plaid shirts and boots. I also love a layered look for outdoor pictures. Having your pictures taken in the city think about going for a dressier look or a trendy fun look adding some unexpected things like crazy hats or socks. So to help you out I've pulled together a couple looks for the whole family. I have 2 boys so I try to coordinate them but I included a girls look as well for those who have girls. 
(you can shop the looks at the bottom)

 I've always wanted to do this look in my favorite part of the city. 

pick things that fit your child's personality

Mix earthtones and textures for a layered look


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