How to Plan a Bachelorette Party

Bachelorette parties have seriously turned it up like 10 notches. We're talking weekend long Vegas trips to jetting off to Napa Valley! Whatever happened to the super stretch limo that came and picked everyone up, drove a bunch of giddy girls to a club in the city and then drove our drunk asses home as we hung out the sunroof screaming without a care in the world? I have to kind of admit the weekend getaway was kind of nice (now that I have kids and bachelorette parties don't happen every weekend). 

When planning a bachelorette party I suggest getting input from the bride. Some brides don't want a lavish Vegas trip. Does she want to go clubbing or just chill at a spa for a quiet weekend? 

Consider where the bride and bridesmaids live and come up with options that may be easier for everyone to drive to or grab a cheap flight. 

Look for deals on sites like Gilt, groupon etc. you can sometimes find great hotels offering big discounts. Make sure that everyone is ok with spending money to travel. 

Once your date, destination and budget is chosen then the fun planning begins. 

If you're going the club edition make sure you have everything set up ahead of time. Get your group on the guest list or reserve tables at the venue you're going to. It's doesn't hurt to mention you're part of a bachelorette party because you may get a couple extras thrown your way. Heading to the spa? Make sure that everyone's appointments are made ahead of time. Check to see if they include beverages, if not ask if you can bring your own to toast the bride to be.  Planning an itinerary ahead of time and having reservations made makes it more relaxing for everyone. 

After all of your plans are made its time to embarrass the Bride to be. Whether you're hosting a lingerie party, hiring a "man in uniform" or off to Magic Mikes it's all in good fun! Even if your bridesmaids do make you wear purple glitter penises on your head. 

Then there are decorations too. One of my favorite parts. Choose a theme or decide to wear coordinating outfits. Start with the invitations and make sure to include all the details for those not part of the planning. 

Below I'm sharing a Cheers Bitches themed bachelorette weekend in the city with dinner and dancing and a drag show (highly recommend) which made my cheeks hurt for days from laughing. Such a blast! I included our itinerary for the weekend at the bottom of the post. If you happen to be doing a Boston bachelorette party I included all of the locations as well. 

We went with a "Cheers Bitches" theme for our bachelorette bash
Personalized stickers for goodie bags from Wedding Paper Divas 

Accomodations at the Loews Hotel Boston. Amazing staff! Gingerale and advil was delivered at check in. A+++

The Bachelorette Crew head out for a night of fun in Boston

Lingerie Cookies for the Lingerie Party from etsy. These were packaged so nicely and were yummy too! I had some extras and my 5 year old wanted to eat one. I seriously wish I had a picture. 

We decorated the hotel and included the Bride's favorite candy (sour watermelons anyone....yum!) 
We had personalized games to play also from Wedding Paper Divas

Blow Outs at the Dry Bar in Boston 

We couldn't not hit up Georgetown Cupcake for an afternoon sweet treat 

This was my first Drag Show and I've never laughed so hard in my life. 

Dancing, mingling, people watching at The Liberty Hotel (a must if you're traveling to Boston)


After party shenaningans. Seriously how cute is the bride after a night out of celebrating? 

and what Bachelorette party wouldn't be complete without a Hangover Kit
-nail file

Our Itinerary:

Location: Boston, Ma

-Girls arrived, checked into our super chic hotel that was so accomodating. Thank you Loews Boston! 
-Fun games before prepping to go out
-take an uber 1 block because you forget that the restaurant is right behind the hotel even though half of us live in Boston (PS if you have uber where you are traveling I highly recommend-download the app and you get a free ride!)
-dinner at a fun restaurant
-lingerie party at the hotel 

-have an amazing brunch and hopefully you're not too hungover from the night before that food repulses you
-shopping, girls time, blow outs and champagne 
-sweet green for lunch because you have to eat healthy before indulging in some cupcakes
-primp and prep for our dinner 
-get all our sequins on for a fun night out


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