Get your pool bag ready for summer!

Get your pool bag ready for summer!

This hot weather sort of crept up faster then I expected. I'm still waiting for another snow storm or something crazy but I'm sure that's not going to happen (except in Maine) I just think I have PTSD from this winter. We've been swimming a couple times and I was reminded that I need to get my bags in order. A couple of years ago I created a system for myself that has worked well. Are you always forgetting something like sunscreen or a swim diaper and you get to the pool realizing that your toddler is already in the baby pool and you just pray their diaper won't swell big enough that everyone else will notice. Or if you don't have kids do you forget the book or magazine you wanted to read and then you're bored because all you have to do is sit there and relax? (I miss those days) 

My mission this weekend is to get our bags set up for the summer and I'm going to share with you some of my tricks that I found that work for us and make our life somewhat organized. 

I have multiple bags so I can afford to dedicate one to the pool, beach and gym. 

After I have each bag designated I think about what I need for each of them. I used to keep bathing suits in the kids rooms and then I realized it's easier to wash them and place one for each of  them in the bag so if they put them on beforehand or at the pool I just grab from the bag. I also put the wet towels in the wash immediately and as soon as their dry fold them and place them back into our pool or beach bags. I have a hook in our mudroom for each bag. That way if Dad or someone else is taking the kids to the pool they can just grab the bag and go. 

Pool bag: 
The pool we go to has a towel service which is honestly life changing. But until that pool opens were toting our own towels to other pools. 
-tote bag (when we're not carrying towels) and it's 50% off this month
-Small cosmetic  Bag filled with sunscreen, spf chapstick care, bandaids, hair ties, bug spray
-ziploc bags or one of these cute wet bags for wet bathing suits Navy Rugby Stripe Wet/Dry Bag | Pottery Barn Kids
-pool toys, goggles ® Kids
-bathing suits 
-mini water bottles and small snacks (because no one eats the $50 worth of food bought at the snack stand but they're ravenous when they get in the car)
-change of clothes

Beach bag:
We go to a drive on beach which is also life changing. The thought of lugging everything to the beach just makes me tired thinking of it. So I usually have my car prepped all summer. 
-beach bag (this can be made larger so it holds A LOT) durable and has a great outside pocket for keys
-Small cosmetic  Bag filled with sunscreen, spf chapstick care, bandaids, hair ties, bug spray (perfect size and it's organic)
-ziploc bags or one of these cute wet bags for wet bathing suits Navy Rugby Stripe Wet/Dry Bag | Pottery Barn Kids
-our portable travel shower 
-beach blanket towel
-change of clothes
-sweatshirts because it gets cool at night
-wet hair brush

Gym bag: 
When you only have 3 hours all day to yourself I try to maximize my time so if I'm going to the gym I shower there before pick up so I keep a gym bag packed at all times. Because if you have to pack your gym bag to shower the chances of you working out go down significantly. 
-tote bag (spend $50 get $25 dot dollars)
-Bag with travel size bath items 
-hair brush
-change of clothes

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