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A friend of mine organized a photo book/scrap booking club and it got me thinking that I'm so unorganized with my pictures. I mean I knew I was but this was just another reminder. Anyone else feel like they're drowning in their pictures? Always scared to delete them for fear that you'll lose them forever?

I'd love to make scrapbooks but I know myself and know I wouldn't follow through with it. As I was sorting through my pictures from Shutterfly to send to be printed, I realized it's easier to just make photo books online. Another friend of mine makes a Shutterfly book for her girls at the end of each year. This is such a great idea and seems more manageable to me. Although I'm about 7 years behind so I have a lot of catching up to do.

I decided to do a little research and find some apps that would basically organize my pictures for me. I'm sure this doesn't exist but I thought I'd give it a try. So today's Friday Finds I'm sharing all the photo apps I found that can get you on your way to productive photo organization.

Photo Manager Pro- This app allows you to create custom named and colored folders. You can tag and group images however you'd like. Great way to keep photos and videos organized so you can find my date, genre, keyword and other filters easily. You can also password protect your photos as well and easily share on social networks. Video's take up the most storage on my phone so I like that I can download them here. Best 3 bucks spent!

Shutterfly-I've been using this one FOREVER so I'm most familiar with this one. Although I once downloaded a bunch of pictures from my iPhone and then deleted them and they weren't showing up on my albums in Shutterfly. I'm sure it was user error but now I make sure that they're fully downloaded before deleting. This site is great because it's easy to make photo books if this is how you'd like to organize your pictures. Plus they have great sales!

Drop Box-This is a great app to have your photos available on all your devices. Everything is automatically private, so you control who sees what. Drop box is most convenient because you don't have to sync anything. You can store things other then pictures too. It's like a file drawer app.

Web Albums-Enjoy your pictures on your iPhone and ipad and stream to apple TV. You can browse your photos offline and automatically backup to a private Picasa album in the cloud. This app seems very user friendly and you can set it to automatically download your pictures by date.

Printstagram- Of course we can't forget Instagram.  If you're an instagram user this is a great site to print pictures, photo-books, calendars, etc with your instagram photos.

Do you have any great apps that make storing your photos easier? I'd love to hear them. 

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