I'm kicking off my 2020 Gift Guides with what to get her. Whether it's your sister, wife, best friend or judgement. I mean we all deserve to treat ourself after this year. Normally, I have some cute clothes, a fun handbag but this year I'm keeping it to essentials. The things that would make being stuck at home a little bit more enjoyable. 

FYI: A little public service announcement and I don't mean to add any anxiety but I noticed a lot of stores said to order by the beginning of December for guaranteed Christmas delivery. No's fine, we're all fine! 

Perfume: (I just ran out and I've been wanting a new scent and this smells amazing) 

Wine Purifier: Selective Sulfit Capture technology combines with an adjustable wine aerator in this innovative purifier, designed to give your wine it's most robust taste. I love wine but some gives me an instant headache and I hear this can help. 

Always pan:  Cult- favorite best selling Always Pan. This do it all wonder is designed to replace 8 traditional pieces of cookware. Plus, it looks pretty good too. 

Sorel boots: Sneaker boots. I have these in black and I love them. I hate wearing a big clunky boot all the time and this is a good alternative to the days you're not tredging through the snow. 

Face mask: My girlfriend got me this for my birthday and I was saving it for a special day. Holy cow, this is a good mask for a little at home facial treatment. You may want to not let anyone see you while you're doing it.

iphone case: personalized iphone case, so many cute color and print options 

PURA Diffuser: I love candles but I'm always afraid I'm going to forget to blow them out. No worries with this smart home diffuser. Yep, a smart diffuser you can control from your phone. They even have the famous Anthropologie volcano scent as an option which I have and I also chose a nest Christmas fragrance as well. The packaging is really pretty too! 

Stacking rings: I'm finding I'm wearing simple jewelry these days and I love this little stacking ring set in mixed metals. 

Sherpa jacket: Sherpa is all the rage this season and it has every right to be. It's super warm and cozy! I love this one because if the hood! 

Monogrammed scarf: always a great gift idea is a monogrammed scarf. Lots of color and pattern options available and they have the prettiest wrapping, so you don't even have to worry about wrapping it. This makes a great gift for a coworker. 

Bronzer: This bronzer is pricier but it's huge! I'd imagine it would last forever. It's a cult favorite. Kiss those pale skin days goodbye! 

Kopi Mug & warmer: For the person who reheats their coffee 27 times a day and their phone is always dead. Not naming any names. 

Slippers: Slippers are the new shoes! Also supporting a black owned business. 

Necklace: This little delicate pave horn necklace comes in an adorable box. It's a great layering piece as well. 

Leggings:The top fashion item of 2020! My leggings/workout pants got put to the test these last couple months and Lululemon always comes through on their durability. They've held up the best out of all the other brands I have. These are super flattering as well. 

Stay tuned for more gift guides to come! 


  1. I think that it is not the gift that is important, but the attention to the person.

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