When it comes to decorating for the holidays, I’ve started to take a less is more approach and blend my holiday decor into my existing decor. This has helped me streamline my holiday decorations and has also taken out the stress of feeling like I need to go over the top decking the halls. The holidays are about enjoying your time with family & friends and creating homes that are warm and inviting for the holidays without all the fuss. I’ve partnered with Wayfair to share how to create simple additions to your home for the holidays without the added stress. 
First starting with a faux Christmas tree. I was always a fan of going to pick out a real Christmas tree. Growing up with a family in the business, I looked forward to cutting down our tree every year, sipping some hot cocoa and going to visit the reindeer. (I grew up in the country where reindeer actually lived) I wanted to continue this tradition with my children and after we moved into our home, live Christmas trees quickly became a fire hazard due to our heating system. I finally bit the bullet and went faux and let me tell you that it’s the best thing I ever did. We still go to the Christmas tree farm and get hot chocolate and the obligatory Christmas tree picture but I buy fresh greens instead of a tree to bring that woodsy Christmas smell into our home. So you better bet I did my research on the best faux Christmas trees. I found so many great options on Wayfair from prelit to flocked trees and big trees to charlie brown trees and at a reasonable price too. From my experience, a prelit tree is only going to last for many years to come. I don’t think it’s necessary to spend over $1000 on an artificial tree when all of these options are just as beautiful if not even more beautiful in person. For more tips on how to choose the perfect faux tree click here. I've included a couple of my selections below as well. 
After your tree is selected now you can focus on the decorations. I like to buy my trees prelit so that I don’t have to fuss with lights. If your using a tree collar you want to make sure this is in place before decorating the tree. (It’s not fun trying to get a tree into it after it’s decorated, I wouldn’t know that though ๐Ÿ˜ฌ) if you’re not using a tree collar, a simple neutral tree skirt can be added at the end but is easier to do at the beginning. You want to know why? Because there is a way to make your tree skirts not lay flat on the ground. I crumble up tissue paper to give it some height. Especially if you have a Charlie Brown faux tree, you will want to cover the trunk as much as possible. 
I also choose a theme each year for my tree. We actually have 3 trees so I have 3 themes. Our main tree matches the neutral decor of my family room with brass, metals, mercury ornaments and a couple black ornaments thrown in. This year I’m all about more natural elements so these wooden beads would be a great addition to a tree. Our other 2 trees are our kids tree which is in their playroom and that includes all their ornaments they have made over the years and the ornaments we have gifted them every year on Christmas Eve. I also have a flocked tree in my office which may be getting a makeover this year. Once you've decided on your theme, choose ornaments that coordinate, are different shapes and sizes and have different textures. Wayfair has an array of ornaments to choose from. It's also nice to add in plant stems/picks especially if you have a couple empty spots on the tree. Lastly, choose a cute star like this one for the top of the tree like this one
Decorating the mantle is a favorite of mine because it’s such a focal point in the room and you can really get creative with it. Whether your using real greens or faux greens like this eucalyptus mixed green garland you can create something simple or over the top. Investing in a good faux garland is also something I recommend because it can be used year, after year and although real garland looks beautiful, they are pricey. Another idea for the mantle is to add different heights like a grouping of bottle brush trees paired with a pretty lantern or a vase filled with evergreens and berries. Add different elements like these metal reindeer. Have a large mirror over a fireplace? A simple green wreath looks pretty tied with a simple ribbon to coordinate with your current decor. I love this magnolia wreath. And we can’t forget the stockings hung by the chimney with care. How cute are these stockings and I’m loving this large brass pole to hold all the stockings. 
For the rest of my home holiday decorating I find things around my home that I can use for decorations, like big bowls that I can fill with extra ornaments or fresh greens. Pretty water pitchers that can be filled with greens and a tray to layer candle pillars. Buy a simple green wreath from your local garden center and attach these cute bells to it with a ribbon for the front door. Honestly if you just add some fresh greens around the house it can take it from boring to festive very quickly. 
Step 5:
If you’re hosting for the holidays, (we can't forget that) Wayfair has you covered for the hosting part as well from dishes, to servings pieces, extra chairs and tables and cute decor like this tree board! It would make a cute addition to your kitchen but also a great hostess gift or hello pretty charcuterie board. We can't forget about the dinner table and I love these black Christmas tree place card holders which you can also use to label different cheeses on a charcuterie board. 

Wayfair helps take the stress out of the holidays with a one stop holiday shop so you can spend more time baking cookies and watching holiday movies on repeat. I've included some of my favorite finds on Wayfair that would work in any home for the holidays! 


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