I think the number one request I get asked is "What to wear for family photos?" so I thought I'd create a couple styling guides to help assist you and some tips and tricks when I start planning our family photo outfits. When the kids were little, I wanted to make it a tradition to get family pictures taken every year. I just love having these pictures around my home and looking back at how little the boys were and how fast they've grown over the years. It's not an easy fete getting outfits coordinated, getting yourself dressed and getting kids to cooperate on photo shoots but in the end, you never regret having those pictures. We've used the same photographer for years because she always manages to capture my boys personalities every year even though I think to myself there is no way she captured one picture because they were goofing off and not listening. She also knows who my difficult one is and he did not disappoint this year. I set my expectations really low and hope for the best. If you're local we use Rebecca Deaton Photography. She is great and so easy to work with! 

Where to get started: 

Choose your photographer: 
If you don't have a photographer, ask for recommendations, look online at their galleries and find someone with a style that you like. All photographers have a different style, so choose one that you like best. A lot of photographers have mini sessions available this time of year. Kids only have so much patience so sometimes one of these mini sessions is all you need. 

Pick your photo shoot location: 
When thinking about pictures, think about the location, if the photographer hasn't already selected it (they know the best spots). We're into fall/winter pictures here but if you are fortunate enough to live somewhere where it's warm right now, the beach may be your location. Wherever it is, you will want to plan accordingly. For example, don't show up to a Christmas Tree farm in high heels. The location will also help you with the "outfit theme" you decide to use. 

Choose your theme:
Once your location is chosen, decide what look you want to go for. Casual, preppy, funny or dressy, what look you are going for choose a color theme. I will sometimes find an item that I love and go from there. This year I found the babies sweater and that decided our theme for this year. Previous years I wanted to do brighter preppier colors because we were at the beach, or muted fall tones because we were on a farm. In a snowy location, choose boots and cute hats and scarves. 

Choose your outfits:
Shopping for everyone and coordinating can be stressful, I get it. I will pull everything together and lay it out and this helps me visualize if the colors will coordinate. If you have to take everything to the store with you and do it there, that helps a lot too. H&M, Gap, J.Crew and Target are some of my favorites to shop for outfits. Target also has great shoes, don't forget the shoes! I have to plan around all boys so I always like to wear a skirt or dress to mix it up and I think it looks great in pictures when the girls have skirts or dresses on. I love a little boy in a blazer or vest! I think I enjoy planning family photos because it's one of the very few times a year I get to dress my kids. 

Below are a couple of our Family Photos over the years along with a Preppy, Trendy and Fancy style guide to help you out with choosing outfits for family photos, you can click on the picture to shop the look:

Our Family Photos over the years:

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