Master Bedroom Design Ideas

Did you know that your master bedroom should be the first room that is finished? It's the place we retreat to at night to recover after a long day. So why is it that our bedroom seems to be the last room we tackle? My thinking, as I'm sure is everyone else's most common thought is that no one sees it but you so we tend to want to redo a family room or kitchen before this room. Or maybe it's that you can't decide how you want to finish your room (raising my hand). 

I'm going to share some of my favorite bedroom designs and hopefully have a finished room of my own to share with you this week. But first I need to kick my 2 little roommates out. They think their rooms are haunted so all 4 of us and the dog sleep in one room. Might as well downsize to a one bedroom apartment, right?! 

I've taken so long to decide on a bedroom design because I go back and forth between a neutral serene bedroom or bold pops of color. Story of my decorating life. I tend to gravitate towards white, gray and black but love pictures of colorful rooms. Let me know your thoughts and some of your favorite rooms. 

Here are some of my favorites: 

I'm OBSESSED with this room. If I could start all over with furniture I'd do exactly this. But unfortunately I don't have a patio off my master either and I believe this belongs to a pro football player. Keep dreaming....

This bedroom has come back around as my inspiration multiple times. I love the linens and mixing of the fabrics but yet simple black and white design and gold accents. I'm such a sucker for gold. 

Dayka Robinson Designs

And then there's navy, oh always find a place into my heart. I love navy bedrooms but since we had navy floral wallpaper and it made me hallucinate at night and I insisted that we rip it down and paint My hubs may think I'm crazy wanting to paint the room navy again. So instead I painted the closet navy. 

My room is leaning towards this look. We had the walls painted this color and have a tan headboard so that's what I have to work with. I just love how peaceful it looks and peaceful is what I need at the end of the day. 

Collins Interiors

Hunted Interior has one of the coolest masters. I mean look at that wallpaper....GORG!!! I love the Pop of color in the ikat throw pillows. 

The Hunted Interior

This fall I am totally digging this color combination and buffalo check. The headboard and wall color are just meant for each other. 

Then there is wallpaper. Oh how I love thee. This is one of my all time favorites. I've considered the lighter blue version of this but love the jeweled tones for this room. 

Grant K Gibson Interior Design 

Back to black and white. This may be a little too traditional for me but this bed is amazing and I love the window treatments. 

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