Fashion Month always happens to have some interesting looks but when there is one spotted that can be worn in everyday life I get super excited. As the crisper weather approaches instead of throwing on your basic black peacoat add a little faux fur or color to your outerwear. I'm going to share with you some of my favorite's for fall. 

One trend I want to hang on to as long as I can is faux fur. If you're going to add a fun new piece to your wardrobe add some faux fur! This is the perfect way of adding to your wardrobe without feeling like Ivanka Trump.   

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Menswear style peacoats are a big trend this fall which looks great paired with skinny jeans and heels. I'm obsessed with this blue coat. I bought one a couple years ago at Piperlime (by the way anyone else miss that site as much as me?) and I have gotten more compliments on that coat then any other I own. I'm a sucker for a cream peacoat, especially this one from Zara because you know it's so practical with 2 boys and Boston winters but I just can't resist a white coat. I'm so glad to see that J.Crew brought this hooded wool coat back. I will still probably chicken out and not buy it and then when I want it it will be sold out in the color I want. J.Crew hands down has the best fall coats. Right now they're 25% off with code SHOPNOW

I'm loving this wool menswear topper. Totally impractical but I've never been one to be practical. 

Olivia Palermo

Unfortunately if you live in a cold climate you know that the cute coat season doesn't last very long and we all walk around looking like this...
but seriously wouldn't you die for this when it's -12 outside? 
Down coats are sometimes a necessity but there are cuter options for when we need to look like a marshmallow or in this case a plaid or spiked marshmallow. These are supposedly wearable but I'm not sure for who?

Faux Fur Coats Sources

Shaggy Fur Coat // Cream Fur Coat //  Grey Fur Coat // 
Drape Fur Coat // Ivory Fur Coat //   Black Fur Coat 

Wool Coats Sources

Menswear Style  // Blue Stadium Coat // Gold Collarless Coat 
Ivory Topcoat  // Fur Parka // Black Buckle Coat // Aqua Coat 

Down Coat Sources

Packable Green Coat  // White North Face // Marmot Jacket //
Faux Fur Trim // Long Grey Down Coat // Black Faux Fur     

Does anyone have a lighter weight down coat and is it as warm as the North Face ones? 

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