Friday, October 9, 2015

Bathroom Inspiration & Design

I've been a little design happy lately. I've put so many boards together the past few weeks for so many spaces that it's made me want to redo so many things in my own home. So today while the plumber was replacing the toilet and sink in the half bath, out of curiosity I asked him about our main bath. Our one and only bath. After he told me it would only take a week (or so they say) I realized it may be a possibility in the near future. 

When we bought the house I thought this would be one of the first projects because it was ugly and gross which you can see here. Then we were told how much and how long it would take and we realized we need another bathroom to use before renovating. That was until I heard it can be done in a week! Excuse for a vacation. 

The hubs asked if I knew what I wanted to do in there. Ummm...he's asking me if I have something in mind? That's all my mind does is think about how I will redo something. Since he can't read my mind I created a design board for him. So today I'm going to share my plans with all of you too. But first a couple inspiration photos.

Ever since I saw this bathroom at The House Diaries I knew I wanted to do a navy vanity. Our goal is to add a master suite onto our home so this will eventually be the kids bath so I want to make it fun and less luxurious. 

You all know I'm a huge fan of brass and it looks amazing paired with navy in this bath. I also LOVE this floor!! I had always thought I'd want to do white penny tile but let's be honest, boys are gross and can't seem to piss in the toilet so maybe a patterned tile like this would be better for my sanity/ocd'ness. 

The vanity is so fun in this bath 

Here's a look at the design board for our bathroom. 

My starting off point is the navy vanity and patterned tile floor.  Not like my kids need a reminder to get naked but how fun is this bathroom print? Geometric print for the floor tiles because it's a print that will last for the boys as they become older. I'm literally obsessed with herringbone tile patterns. And think it would look great in the shower surround. I can't wait until the sledgehammer can be taken out on this room but until then I'll keep dreaming! 


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