Painting with High Gloss Black Paint

I've been on a high gloss paint high (no pun intended) for awhile now. Since the majority of my house was professionally painted I only have a few rooms left to experiment with. The bathrooms and the boys rooms. Since they like to decorate their walls with stickers I won't be touching those for awhile, although my sons houndstooth wallpaper would look amazing with black lacquer trim. So that leaves me with my bathrooms and one was in need of a touch up anyway. It's a room I'm trying to salvage because the black and white basket weave tile is probably what I would have chosen if redoing it anyway and I'm kind of digging the library wallpaper. The trim was painted a matte gray and I thought of doing a high gloss gray but wanted to go bolder. So black it is. My 6 year old even got in on the action. I had a moment where I said no you can't paint wth black paint and then something came over me and I decided this is a great opportunity to teach him about painting, why not start with black. Razors can scrape paint off the doorknob, right?! 

Now that it's painted I'm not so sure I like the wallpaper anymore and debating a different window treatment. Since I have bold graphic wallpaper in the kitchen I'm debating a simple grasscloth or this Philip Jefferies I've been wanting to use somewhere. 

The toilet and sink need to be replaced but finding one that fits this space that I like has been a challenge. Off to Pinterest and Houzz I went to get some high gloss black inspiration to help out with my decisions for this bathroom and I came upon these great uses of high gloss paint.

Here are a couple bathroom looks I'm loving 


I'd love to do a sink like this but not sure they exist in airplane bathroom sink size. 

Apartment therapy 

I LOVE black front doors!!! Especially when they're glossy and have a pop of color or on a brick house. 


My favorite and My best 


A little hallway or entryway is a great place to use a high gloss for a dramatic impact on a small space. Or using it on the ceiling in the entrance of this home. 

Laurel Been Interiors 

Justine Taylor

Windsor Smith

Country Living 

Nate Berkus 

Turn simple white closet doors into the statement piece of the room. 

Jessica Helgerson Design 

Highlight amazing woodwork in a home with a gloss finish paint. 

This makes me want to rip out my office shelves and redo them like this. The solid color makes your eyes go to the items displayed on the shelves. 


One of the easiest updates with high gloss paint is on furniture. If you're not ready to take the plunge on a room in your house this is a great way to add a little glam. Remember you can always change paint and it's the easiest way to update a space! 

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