I had the honor of meeting Leah back in our college years at our sorority. She is such a sweetheart and I was so lucky to have crossed paths with her. Leah doesn't know this but I had college apartment envy. Don't get me wrong our Ben Affleck posters adorning our walls were hot but hers was waaaay better, like grown up better. 

Leah's a wife and wonderful mom to 3 beautiful littles....I mean how cute are they? She has written a great blog called Unbored Housewife, where she shares yummy recipes and daily life with the littles. Her basil strawberry ice cream recipe sounds delish. She's honest and real and I know you will enjoy reading her blog as much as I do.

Meet Leah from Unbored Housewife

Allie Skylar Photography

What made you decide to start a blog?

I worked as a lawyer for many years and although I spent a lot of my time writing, it was in a confined and restricted way.  I craved an outlet for creative writing.  After quitting my legal job to be a stay-at-home parent, I submitted an article to MOPS International's blog, Hello, Dearest, on a whim.  They chose my piece for publication, which was thrilling.  However, I realized that most of the women writing for Hello, Dearest were legit writers with fancy blogs of their own. I decided to carpe diem and start my own blog to include in my byline. That is how Unbored Housewife was born, and since then it has been an absolute joy to write about food, fitness, family, friends and God. 

What is your favorite dish to cook?

Red beans and rice.  As a Louisiana native, I grew up eating this down home staple, and now it's my kids' favorite comfort food.  It's the dish they ask for most often and it's also surprisingly simple to prepare - dried red beans, smoked sausage, onions, garlic, bay leaves, salt and pepper - and you're in business.

What is one beauty item you can't live without?

Mascara.  Always mascara.  I have blonde lashes and I feel positively naked without it.  I use the classic Maybelline Great Lash Washable Mascara in Blackest Black.  That pink and green tube has been around forever.  It's tried and true and I heart it.

What would you say your decorating style is?  And if you could make one room your dream room which would it be?

My decorating style is a modern farmhouse vibe.  I love the look of combining rustic, primitive pieces with shiny chrome accents and clean lines.  And although I enjoy color, I tend to decorate most of my home in shades of white with muted, neutral grays and tans and pops of black.  Nothing makes me happier than an all-white kitchen, no colorful accents required.

If I could makeover one room of my home it would be my master bedroom.  With two dogs and three little kids - aged six, four and two - my bed is usually overflowing, and my bedroom always manages to be the last spot in the house to receive attention.  I would love my master bedroom to be an organized, peaceful retreat, with crisp white linens and fresh flowers on my nightstand.  Maybe one day!

Favorite store to shop at?

The two stores where I draw the most inspiration are Anthropologie and Terrain (both of which are owned by the parent company Urban Outfitters).  The folks who style both stores are wildly creative and adept at creating an intoxicating look, smell and feel that inspires.  At Anthro I can pick up a unique outfit (complete with cool accessories), gorgeous tableware, eclectic home decor accents and the most fragrant candles around, all in one trip.  During my visits to Terrain, sometimes I browse for hours, soaking in the detailed and inspirational home and garden displays.  Then afterwards I grab lunch at Terrain's Garden Cafe, where they use hand-selected seasonal produce, dairy and meats sourced from local farmers.  I leave feeling fresh, creative and pleasantly full.

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