Holiday Photo Cards from Minted

 I just received my first Christmas cards yesterday and I couldn't believe it! Sending and receiving Holiday cards is one of my favorite things. I love seeing how everyone's kids are growing over the years and since most of our family lives farther away, I love being able to send them cards with pictures of how quickly our own boys are growing. 

There are so many great options online for cards but one of my favorite places to order Holiday cards is Minted. Their cards are beautiful, from foil printing to letterpress, there is a style for everyone. They offer unique designs that are completely customizable from their community of over 15, 000 independent artists. You can even upload your picture and it will give you a preview of what it will look like on each card which helps you narrow down your favorite. They also make ordering cards a little less stressful with their free address printing. It leaves us a little more time to focus on the more important things this holiday season, like cooking baking and that pile of laundry. Right now Minted has 20% off your order with code HolidayJoy. Even better, if you join the minted more program, you get 30% off plus a free welcome kit which includes cute gift bags, tags, ribbons, a coloring book and colored pencils and discounts for future orders. This has paid for itself many times over the last year so personally I think it is worth it.


A little holiday tip to keep in mind, deliveries are taking a lot longer because of covid and so you may want to take advantage of this sale and get your cards out earlier this year. Not yet ready? They give you the option to order your cards with the discount and you can go back and add addresses in your contact list later. The good news is, once you upload them, they remain on their site for next years cards. 

Here is a look at our previous year Christmas cards with Minted and some of my favorite for 2021! 

Here are some of my favorites for 2021

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