Easter Basket Ideas

The other day I shared some cute Easter baskets and today I'm sharing what to out in those baskets. I like to do a mixture of non-candy and candy items because there is nothing worse then a sugar high kid at church and brunch. I also like to include a gift from us. When I was younger that gift used to be live floppy eared bunnies. My dad built homes for them and it was one of my favorite memories growing up. I grew up in the country where coyotes didn't roam your neighborhood so I think we'll stick to stuffed bunnies instead and maybe a new bathing suit and towel because that's my traditional gift for the kids. I love getting them personalized towels like these cute Pottery Barn Kids ones or if you have a local embroidery shop you can have any towel monogrammed. 

Here I rounded up some of cute basket ideas and you can find them when you click on the link below



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