Surprise... we’re having a baby! I’m sure you’re about as shocked as I was. Let’s just say this wasn’t planned but it also wasn’t not planned. I always wanted 4 kids but life hands you obstacles you weren’t expecting when you have kids such as Autism and children who still don’t sleep and sometimes it stops your original dreams in their tracks. We’re finally in a good place with the kids as some call it, the sweet spot. We can sleep in on weekends, sneak away for a couples getaway and (sometimes) I can shower in peace. Well, we can kiss all that goodbye! I may have cried this to my husband as I showed him that little positive sign on the pregnancy test. Going back to diaper bags, sleepless nights, plastic shit everywhere and being pregnant for 9 months was not something I could get my head wrapped around even though in my heart I always knew wanted more kids. We said to each other the only way this was going to happen was if it’s a surprise and that it was. Rob was beyond excited and I’m not going to lie I was a blubbering mess. You see, I don’t have good pregnancies, like puking from 5 to 18 weeks with month long migraines that I can do nothing about. This is one of the reasons why we stopped at 2 kids. I was actually researching more about adoption before we got pregnant because I was so traumatized by pregnancy. So as you can imagine I was terrified of what was to come. Fortunately this little one saved me from hugging the toilet bowl and mostly free of migraines but instead left me a zombie. Like SOOOOO tired I fell asleep at a red light and was terrified to drive for a bit. I’ve never slept so much in my whole life. It could be my advanced maternal age (gotta love those words) or the fact that I’m battling hypothyroidism during this pregnancy but I don’t remember this with my other 2 maybe because I was throwing up so much I didn't realize how tired I was. So I apologize for going MIA the past couple months but I had to save every bit of energy I had for my family and clients and it’s been a struggle. I’m hoping to round the corner soon and regain some energy as I head into the second trimester. Like any day soon would be great! 

Although this wasn’t in our plans, I mean who in their right mind would choose to be 9 months preggers in the middle of August, it’s such a blessing and we couldn't be more excited. Our youngest is soooooo excited to be a big brother. He has asked for this forever (actually he asked for 6 kids and I may have mumbled you’re the reason we only have two under my breath) and our oldest, well let’s just say he can’t believe he now has to worry about 2 siblings, my god you’d think it’s like we’re asking him to raise the baby. Which by the way he’s informed us he doesn’t have time for... 6th graders!!! Their reactions were exactly what I expected and I can’t wait to see them with a little baby. I’m hoping our oldest has a change of heart when he sees how much his younger brother admired him and I may be more excited about seeing our youngest as a big brother then he is. 

So as we embark on another exciting chapter in our lives that I’m more nervous about then I was with our first two. All I pray for is a healthy baby/pregnancy and that my husband is still as supportive in August as he has been these past couple months. God bless him though. I’m already miserable in the heat when I’m not pregnant I just can’t imagine how pleasant I’ll be pregnant. So if you see him this summer give him a drink. Just make sure it’s not a margarita because it may get ugly because that’s all this baby craves right now. Well that and Dairy Queen oreo cheesecake blizzards and since I can’t have one of those I think it’s ok to have 2 of the other. 

Cheers to thinking I can eat whatever I want! 🐷 

We'll also be doing a little re-arragning and remodeling of a couple boys bedrooms as we prepare for little brother to arrive so I can't wait to share all of my ideas and progress as the kids soon get the coolest rooms in the house. 


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