I hope everyone's 2017 is off to a great start. I always love a fresh start but making resolutions has never been my thing because I know myself well enough that I won't stick to them. Diet fads. Workout more. Turn off phone early. Go to bed early. Blah...blah...blah. Who wants to do those things? So my approach to the New Year is everything in moderation. I made a list of things I'd like to improve this year in my business and personal life and now I want to prioritize and start implementing them slowly so I'm not overwhelmed or else it won't happen at all. I set my standards high in my own head and tend to get myself down or not get it done because it's not done perfectly and that's something I really want to work on. It's hard not to when you're constantly looking at these perfect social media photos but we have to remind ourselves this isn't reality. It's still life set in a perfectly staged, lighted and edited photo. Behind the scenes is the same chaos we're all living in. So make this the year of doing what makes you happy and going a little easier on ourselves.  

Resolutions that actually make you happy

Spend more time with girlfriends

It's amazing how much just a quick walk or a cup of coffee with a friend can change your mood. We're all busy running around and taking the time to catch up with girlfriends is good for us. 

Workout only because you want to

We all know that working out more is better for us but the thought of it is sometimes daunting and doesn't make it as enjoyable but when you're done you're so glad you did it. So remember that feeling. Coordinate a barre class with friends to make it even more enjoyable. You can commiserate and laugh over how you used to be able to touch your toes. 

Delegate the things you dread doing

I'm not one to ask for help. In fact I'm very uncomfortable asking for help. I'm not consistent with a cleaning lady and feel guilty having one but when it's done it feels like a weight is lifted off my shoulders. It leaves more time for me to do other things and to me this is worth it. My other helper I've enlisted is Amazon. Amazon Fresh for groceries, if you have it in your area I highly recommend. I set up auto ship on items we use regularly like coffee, paper towels, dog food, etc. I recently read an article about invisible workload on mothers and autoship can help take one less thing off your to do list. Basically anything I can order online I do. Keeping UPS in business! 

Learn to say NO

This one took me awhile. But as moms we think we can do it all especially with the pressure of the outside world thinking that every mother out there is doing it all. Truth.....they're not. The kids bake sales, basketball practices, volunteering for events and social activities there's a lot going on. If helping with the kids bake sale makes you happy then go ahead and make that a priority but if it causes stress and is one more thing to add to your to do list just say no. There are other ways you can participate in your child's class and ask them what they would like to have you do more of. If you know they're looking forward to reading to their class you'll look forward to it more to and it won't feel like a chore. Leave time to do the things that make you happy. 

Pamper yourself

I was having a conversation the other week with a couple friends about how we just don't take the time to do the things we used to enjoy like getting a manicure or a facial without feeling guilty. Believe me I'm with you. I haven't had my hair blow dried after having it colored for about 6 months because I'm always rushing to get the kids off the bus or something else. But sometimes it's worth paying a sitter and actually taking the time to enjoy it. We all know what makes us more relaxed and a better person so try and let go of the guilt and take the time to pamper yourself. I have to work on this one. 

Have more impromptu get togethers

These are the best! Keep the wine stocked and don't stress about a messy house or no food. We all have messy houses and there is a pizza delivery guy!

Simplify and get organized

These things keep me happy. Some people are ok with chaos and I really really wish I was and I've gotten better over the years but I realize I'm a happier person when I know my ducks are in a row. Not knowing where something is or missing an appointment sends me into a panic attack so this was a big one I worked on last year. I found a planner system that worked for me and worked on simplifying our home. I'm still working on it but have made a lot of progress. 

Some of my favorite things that helped me stay organized in 2016

1. Day Designer Planner-I use a calendar app and I'm still a paper girl too. I like the layout of the Day Designer planners. They have a to do list, notes, water tracker and more on each day.

2. Amazon Fresh-If you have this in your area I can't recommend it enough. I get asked about how fresh the produce is and everything I've ordered has lasted longer then the regular grocery store. This saves me so much time and money because I'm not buying random items. It's delivered quickly and you don't even need to be home!

3. You've heard me mention May Designs notebooks before but I love these and carry them around with me to jot notes down/sketch layouts, etc. They're small so they're easy to throw in my bag.

4.  This digital calendar has been great for me. You have to find what works for you and if you find you're not using it then move on and find something that does work for you. I like this calendar app because I can see a month in advance, I can add tasks and they transfer to the next day if it's not completed and it syncs with your other calendars and events on facebook.

5. I read this book the beginning of last year. I was hesitant pulling everything out all at once for fear that I wouldn't be able to finish it. I'm still in the process but it's actually worked for me and has helped to create a home for the things in our home. Clothing was the easiest so I would start there and then move in the order she suggests. There are great print outs on Pinterest to help you stay on track as well. 

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