I actually don't really NEED anything this Christmas but if I was to create a wish list these are the items I would add to it. 

1. CLUSE WATCH: I love the simplicity of this classic watch

2. MARBLE MAC BOOK SKIN: because why not cover everything in marble?

3. SOREL BOOTS: These are my absolute favorite winter boots and I basically live in them for majority of the winter. They've done their time though (6 years) and I'm probably due for another pair. 

4. MAKE UP BRUSH: I was in anthro the other night and could not stop touching this makeup brush. The softest I've ever felt!! Has anyone tried their make up line?

5. SKI BOOT WARMERS: since we're going to be spending a lot of time on the ski slopes this year these would come in handy. My feet are always cold! Just wish they weren't so expensive. 

6. CHLOE BAG: I need another bag like I need a whole in the head but this is one I keep loving every single time I see it. I love the gray and green one. 

7. MIRRORLESS CAMERA: I've been saying all year the only thing I want for Christmas is a new lens for my DSLR camera and then these mirror less cameras changed my mind (I think). I love the  pictures from my DSLR camera but it's so heavy and bulky to carry around. I have the iphone 7 and it takes amazing pictures so I thought about just asking for the Ollo clip for it but I wasn't sure how much better the pictures would be. I think this sort of serves the purpose of everything I'm looking for. But this may be my #1 wish list item this year. 

8. ROBE: my older son stole my really soft robe and with living in a house with all boys I NEED a robe.

9. CANDLEFISH CANDLE: I'm a bit of a candle hoarder but love this scent 

10. IN THE COMPANY OF WOMEN: women rock! I've been wanting to read this book and the new DOMINO BOOK

11.WORKOUT PANTS: when I was browsing the new balance catalog these glam workout pants caught my eye

12. NEW BALANCE SNEAKERS: I love my current sneakers but they're thin and cold in the winter time and these would make a great replacement and would look cute with jeans too. 

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