Thanksgiving Recap

Yeah, yeah I know. Everyone's posting their gorgeous Christmas decor and I still have pumpkins on my porch, the table still has the Thanksgiving centerpieces on it and my living room has had my Christmas containers piled high for the past week with a half decorated tree thanks to this sickness that is just lingering for the past 2 weeks. The throbbing in my head has finally subsided a little so that I can look at a screen and get some work done and share a little recap of my Thanksgiving table which I know I promised to show you last week.

Because I procrastinated I scored these cute black and white checkered placemats in the Target dollar section that I made into a runner. I added 3 wooden boxes filled with sugar pumpkins, cabbages from my planters outside, fresh flowers and fruit which we were able to enjoy later. I love creating things that can be reused or have multiple purposes.

 I was excited to use my Nate Berkus snail place card holders for the first time! 

The kids even got their own little thanksgiving table with their fancy plastic stemware they picked out at the grocery store. My husband outdid himself with his deep fried turkey this year (15th year and no fires)! I hope you're Thanksgivings were as enjoyable as ours was. I honestly wish there was an extra month in between November and December. I love this time of year and want to savor it but it's flying by! How is it December already?

My 2 turkeys and our deep fried 

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