Creating a simple outdoor planter for the holiday can be simple and fun making your front porch just as festive as inside. From year to year I tend to change what I do from wreaths on all the windows to a statement front door wreath. I loved my wreath and planters last year so I decided to do a similar design this year but I switched up my ribbon. After finding this Burberry inspired ribbon at a local flower warehouse I knew I wanted it for my door. 

Starting with my planters I'm going to share how simple it is to create these.  I've always wanted the tall black square planters but I always wait too long and have a hard time finding them. So believe it or not these are actually black plastic trashcans purchased at Home Depot.  I weight them down with a couple bricks. 

Supplies used: 
-tall planters 
-mixed greens (boxwood/magnolia leaves/pine)
-faux 12" wreaths 
-tall birch branches 
-gold balls/ornaments of your choice 

It's been nice out so I was able to create these on my porch. It's best if you don't have to walk far with them. 

Once you weight down your planters of using lightweight ones like I did place your faux wreaths around the top of the container. This creates a base for the greens to sit. 

Start with your first layer of greens. I use my fuller greens and pine first. Then continue layering your greens (boxwood/magnolia leaves) sticking in above your first layer until they're nice and full. 

Place the tall birch branches in the middle. You can readjust these after you place all your greens.

Rearrange the birch branches and add pine cones/ornaments(plastic) and gold balls to fill them in. These are the items I used but they would be pretty with red berry branches as well. 

Step back and enjoy! 

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