This week on Instagram I have been sharing my Favorite Things and Giveaway to win these favorite things. You can see some of my favorite things I shared below. We have 3 more days to go with something exciting on the last day! 

If you have never been to a Favorite Things Party, I’ll give you a little rundown of how they work. They’re so fun! It’s such a great way to share your favorite things, but also learn about other peoples’ favorite things! 

Here’s how I host my Favorite Things Party:

Everybody brings 3 of the same gift. We do a price range of $20 but you could select whatever amount you think your guests would be comfortable with. When everyone arrives, they put their name on a piece of paper in a bowl, 3 times (for the 3 gifts you’re giving) and choose a number (this will be the order everyone will present their favorite thing) 

When your number is called, you share what you brought and explain why it’s one your favorite thing. Then you draw 3 names to gift your favorite things to! So easy, and everybody goes home with 3 new favorite things! This party also inspires we ruined with new gift ideas to give that holiday season. We’ve had everything from Poo-Pouri to the candle that is what they burn at the Plaza Hotel in NYC. you could even do a funny or dirty favorite thing to mix it up. 

Here are some of my Favorite Things I have shared so far this week. These items are above the normal $20 I would spend at my party but I wanted a way to give back as a Thank you for following along with me and I honestly love all of these things I shared. These would also make great Gifts! 


The Polished Jar dispensers, tray and bamboo brush. These dispensers are my favorite because they not only look beautiful in your kitchen or bath but they have so many customizable options available to neatly organize you’re whole home or business. These make a great gift set with the tray and bamboo brush. 


Cozy Earth Socks. I discovered this brand because of their incredibly soft bamboo bedding. Then I saw they had socks too and I had to have them. They are the softest. I love that they’re not super thick so I can easily wear with my boots and around the house. This giveaway is closed but you can still receive 45% of your order with code THESTYLENEST45 


This is a little luxury favorite of mine. It’s pricey but smells oh so good! One of my favorite perfumes Santal 33 teamed up with The Laundress to create a laundry scent. 


These are 2 of my favorite makeup items. This is the mascara I have been using for over a year. I’ve never gone back to anything else. I love it because the mascara wraps tubes around your eyelashes giving you extra long lashes and no black smudging or flaming under your eyes! My other favorite beauty item is this Kosas air brow gel. Because of my thyroid disease, the outer edge of my eyebrows have thinned out over the years. I used to have to use a gel and color them in. This allows me to do all of that. Both of these products are also clean which is important to me. You will love both of them! 


One of my favorite local shops to buy home goods and accessories is Abode Shoppe in Newburyport. The owner Gina is a doll to work with and her shop has the best stuff. This basket bowl and these linen napkins are so beautiful in person. If you’re local. Stop by to do some holiday shopping! 


This favorite thing hits my sweet tooth. These are 2 local companies that make the best coffee cake and caramels I’ve ever had and I’ve had a lot! My Grandmas Coffee Cakes are a fav in my whole house. We love the cinnamon, cinnamon walnut and blueberry. If you’re heading to Christmas Brunch this would be a great cake to bring. I really wish these caramels weren’t at the checkout of our local grocery store because it makes it way to easy for me to grab them as I’m checking out and eat them all before I get home which is 1/2 mile away. I love their sea salt black lava but all of the other flavors are so good. You can get a variety pack here if you want to try them all out. 


Today’s Giveaway is a good one. I’ve been a huge Beautycounter fan since the company first started. I love what this company is trying to do in the beauty industry. There is very little regulation on beauty products and Beautycounter is very transparent in what is in their ingredients. A majority of skin problems stems from the chemicals that are in our products. I teamed up with my friend to give one lucky winner the lotus Beauty cleansing balm. I use this to wash the makeup off my face every evening with these cleansing clothes. On days that my face is really dry, I will use it as a balm overnight. I also included my favorite make up brush cleaner and cleansing mat. You could just use the itcosmetics make up cleaner on its own but I find that the cleansing mat helps to get them really clean. 

Instructions to enter to win my Favorite Things Giveaways are listed on the posts on my feed. Continue to follow along for the next 3 days to see what other Favorite thing I will be giving away. 

Good luck to everyone! 

xo, Jen 


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